2011 Life & Style Goals

This year is hopefully going to be the full force beginning of Five Sixteenths as a decor & style blog.  I am planning on moving into a "real place" after I graduate from college & that is where a lot of my decor posts will come from.  In 2011, I plan to:
  • Include more fashion & style posts.  I'd like to document my fashion sense & get a better grasp on what inspires me.  Perhaps I'll pick up Wardrobe Remix again.  I did that a long time ago!
  • Be bolder with my outfits.  I usually stick to something-nice-but-won't-get-ruined-while-in-the-art-building.  I'd like to look a bit nicer & a bit more fun.  
  • Do a little bit of vlogging on here.  About life in general & to let readers get to know me.
  • Put some more decor items in my etsy shop.  Between pillows & pillow covers to buntings & garlands & perhaps some vintage items.
  • Smile more, perhaps drink a little less coffee, & be more organized.  I am such a messy person when it comes to my closets & bedroom.  I think if I post more of my life & home on here I'll have to keep it cleaner, huh?
Hope 2011 was off to a good start for you, Happy New Year.  Tomorrow I will resume Make it Mondays with an awesome contact paper covered folder & notebook.  I told you I'd find something to do with some wood grain contact paper.

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