Make It Mondays: Guest Post @ Young & Crafty!

For this week's Make It Monday I am guest posting over at Young & Crafty!

I totally love this blog & was am so happy to have this opportunity!  I am doing a decor tutorial on how to make this crazy cool magnetic memo board:

Check out the post to see exactly what its made from :)


I've also been messing around in Picnik (as you can tell lately) & while I've been waiting for it to load I usually do something else like start writing or check my email.  Well, today I was waiting & reading the little status updates under the status bar. One said "letting Rudolf join in".  I started laughing so hard! It just so happens that my little puppy is named Rudy & sometimes (mainly when he's in trouble) we call him Rudolf!  So in honor of this I've created, essentially, a Xmas card to send to all my blog friends:

Five Sixteenths wishes you the greatest of holidays as well!

He also stole one of the walnuts from the nut bowl on the end table at my parents' & has been carrying it around in his mouth for a week!

Happy Holidays all! I've finished up all the shopping & all that is left is my birthday on Wednesday!

PS. Don't forget to check out the link parties in the Side Bar or click here!

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