Thirft Finds!

Recently, my sister & I went thrifting.  There is only one thrift shop, or as I call it junk shop, where I go to school so I get thrift store withdrawal rather easily.  I purchased some skirts, sheets & a new bag.  My sister bought a new scarf, some dresses, a little bag for her ID, keys & debit card, etc, & a little bud vase.

I wanted to show off my favorite finds: my bag & sheets

This bag is one of my all time favorite finds! It will fit my laptop perfectly along with some books, a few art supplies, etc.  You know, the usual campus stuff.

None of the sheets on my bed match, ever.  That is what I love the most! Color is so important to me & sleeping on a whole lot of it is so fun! The bottom two sheets I thrifted with my sister & the top three are three of my fave pillow cases.  I can't wait to get back to school to sleep in a large bed with fun sheets!

What is your all time favorite thrift find?

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