Fan Fridays: Cool Candles

I apologize for the slim posting but being home & not having to work (paired with my room being slightly warmer than everyone else's) allows me to sleep until hours I'd never slept to before.  This morning, or afternoon rather, I woke up at 12:15pm.  Holy cow!

This weeks Fan Fridays is about candles.  Candles are perfect to add character to a room.  Scented ones offer a freshening effect & can compliment a room's purpose.  For the kitchen light a candle that smells like vanilla or apples, for a formal dining room a deeper scent may be more appropriate.  Have a sun room over looking a gorgeous garden? Use a fresh scent or a scent of a flower you've planted.

Candles also set the mood with the lighting itself.  Pillar candles are great when a few of varying heights are arranged on a mantle or grouped around a room.  Large hurricane glasses that can fit a few candles create a more formal atmosphere.

Even though flameless candles are all the rage these days, I still prefer good ol' fashioned wax candles.  Here are some with a twist:

  1. First are these Translucent Porcelain Egg candles in Revisions etsy shop.  The light pours right through the eggs creating a surreal glow in a dark room.
  2. This cute little cupcake candle in Pina Colada is from Surgarville Candles etsy shop.  I usually am a little freaked out by fake food, especially the small erasers shaped like food, but this is super cool! Perhaps because I have a love of Pina Coladas.  This would look great on a little pedestal in a kitchen or perfect for a topper for a cake! Don't leave it lit too long though, I wouldn't want to ruin the shape it.
  3. Third are these light bulb candles from Yanko Design.  They are all wax with a little indent where the wick is.  You insert the candle into the holder shaped like a light socket.  How cool?
  4. Finally, these cute rolled beeswax sushi candles from Beeswax Candle Company's etsy shop.  These are great! She suggests not to burn them in the container but its so cute to store them in! Perfect for the kitchen or to give as a novelty gift to a sushi lover.
Too bad most schools bad candles in the dorms because I would have a ton!

How do you arrange candles in your home or apartment? Do you change it up often?


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  3. The lightbulb candles are pretty much brilliant!


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