Make It Mondays: Recipes

In honor of my guest blogger that should be posting here either this week or next week, I thought I'd post about some recipes or tricks I want to try.  Combining my love of coffee (hence the barista post earlier) & my guest bloggers post here's what I hope to make this week:

"One thing?" you say.  "Where's the rest?" you say.  Well, truth is my mother is so picky with coffee & since I am going to my parents house I thought I'd be nice and not mix up some crazy stuff.  I love different flavors & types of coffee, etc but my mother is very sensitive to smells so I can't do anything but make a straight up cup of coffee.  This recipe doesn't need any flavors (though I am sure it would enhance it) so I am sure its a safe bet.  Its also the simplest thing on the block.

This cute recipe I found over at Craft Leftovers. This blog is about using what you have & what you have left over.  The point is to not create more waste!  I love this blog, it has a load of suggestions & projects

There might be a Make it Thursday in the works when I get home because I need to see what I can work with in & what I've kept there over the years.

I still have a load of stuff to pack! I am such a pro-craft-inator (you see what I did there).

Do you have any great coffee recipes? Any you've been dying to try?

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  1. I have a great coffee ice cream recipe made from espresso beans crushed and steeped in cream. It has a brownie mix-in. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I'm dropping in from BNOP. Jane


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