Fully Packed & Waiting

Since I, like I assume like most college students, do not have a car (although nearly everyone I worked with this summer did), I am patiently waiting for my father to pick me up from my last day of being on campus for work.  I am leaving around 11am, which I thought would give me just enough time to pack & stay busy until he arrived. I woke up at 8am & was packed up by 9:30am.  So much for keeping busy.

So for now I am sitting in my bed, still with the sheets on it because I hate naked beds, watching youtube videos.  I've found this one here that I am in love with.  I've posted a few other videos on andyradofman's channel because they are so inspiring!

I love hearing inspiring words spoken by a beautiful voice.  And being alone is something I pride myself in. Well, not the fact of being absent of company, but being able to sit alone by myself.  Most of the time I like being with my thoughts.  I like to hang out with just me because I like to make things & unless I am in the studio its a lot easier for me to do it alone.  If I make things around people sometimes they have the urge to comment or criticize before I've finished & I like to make my own mistakes & fix them myself.  When I am done, then I will ask for an opinion.  Don't get me wrong, I can take criticism & ask for it because criticism is how we progress.  But what I do not like is someone assuming that they know better than I do when they may not understand the process or the reason or even what is actually happening.

My friends think I am weird because I will often go in my room and close the door and just play around for a minute. I'll get online, I'll read for a bit or pick up an old crochet project & then I'll head right back out.  I think myself likes to hang out with me & just me too sometimes :)

I've posted a few videos on Cross My Hooks but I can't find them right now. But go here & here to listen to these awesome songs/poems.

It is now 10:03am....I only have an hour-ish to wait. Boy to I hope that my puppy comes too!

PS. Tempted Tuesdays will be posted later on today when I get home :)

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