Make it Monday // Easy Crochet Pen Case

I've been a crafty lady for as long as I remember.  I'd used to sit at my grandma's house cutting up her McCall's magazines.  I'd color anything that sat still.  I just loved to make stuff!  I've been a crafty person longer than I've been a planner person and my favorite thing is when two of my hobbies collide - crochet & planning.
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I remember when I learned to crochet just a simple chain.  I think I learned when I was in elementary school and I felt pretty cool.  The first hat I made was bright yellow.  I'd crochet a row and then ask my grandma what to do next.  She'd tell me 'do two double crochets in every third stitch' and I'd do that around, then she'd tell me the next step.  Eventually I ended up with a bright yellow beanie!  That was in maybe middle school or my freshman year of high school.  My French class went to Canada my freshman year and I wore that hat!

A few years ago I crocheted a blanket in 10 days for one of Zach's siblings.  When I was unemployed in 2012 up here in Michigan I crocheted a butt ton of granny square blankets.  I crocheted this blanket for our first house (and we still have it!).  
I've been a planner lady for quite a while too - ever since we got a planner in high school to use!  I would decorate that little thing with magazine clippings, highlighters....you name it!  I think this post is really the first post I shared about a planner on the blog.  That post didn't even begin to match where I am now in planning.  Hell, you can even watch this video where I outright say 'I don't understand why people use stickers in their planners.'  And boy, look at me now!

Recently I've been seeing these cute little crocheted planner and pen cases!  I can't stand how adorable they are.  I definitely never thought I'd crochet anything for my planner but here we are.  Now that I have a Hobonichi Weeks I plan to crochet a pouch for it as well.  Man the possibilities have become endless!

So I'm here today to share with you the quick and dirty pen case crochet pattern - if you can even call it that!  Seriously this is super easy and it will work through your yarn stash!
supplies // scrap yarn, size I crochet hook

Are you ready for this? 
Chain 8, sc in second chain from hook and all the way across, 2 sc in last chain, do not turn.
Begin to work in the round by sc in back loop of chain across.  Do not join.
Sc in the first sc from the first row and begin to work in the round.
Sc in each sc until pouch measures 5.5 inches, end on the side of the pouch with a slip stitch, weave in ends.
This pattern is so simple I don't know if you'd even call it a pattern!  You can seriously bust your stash and gift a ton of your planner friends with little pen pouches!  Store your pens, tweezers, mildliners, highlighters...you name it.  And maybe even throw a crochet hook or two in there.

I'm just gonna whip a few of these guys up with my yarn stash!

What two hobbies of yours do you wish would collide?

xoxo, Moe

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