Best Sticker Books to Bullet Journal your Planner

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that my current favorite planning system comes form The Happy Planner.  The Happy Planner was introduced in 2015 I'm pretty sure and I've been using it since at least 2017.  I posted this unboxing/review video in November of 2015!  Can you believe it?  
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The Happy Planner has come a long way since 2015 with both their planner styles and assorted stickers.  I have no idea exactly how many sticker books they've released but it's a flipping ton! I remember when their tabs weren't laminated and we all came up with hacks to make them sturdy.  I also remember when morning, afternoon, and evening were printed on the side of the columns.  I also remember when their stickers were really glossy and thick.  The best adjustment Happy Planner made was to make their stickers thinner and on a matte paper so we could write on them better.  The planner community and planner brands have seen a glow up since 2015 (remember how crappy the Webster's Pages launch was and how crappy the planners were?  They have become a leading planner company too!)

In 2020 I am going to completely Bullet Journal my planner by using the oodles of filler paper I have and the bazillion sticker books I own.  My goal this year is to not buy any more planner supplies!  Lord knows I don't need any more stickers!  Creating your own planner layouts is super simple especially with the amount of sticker books The Happy Planner has created!  Here are the Top 4:

A Color Story Books

These books are great because the stickers are already curated for you.  These books are great for beginners too because of the curation of the stickers.  If you're not too sure about creating layouts and using different elements these books offer full decorative boxes, empty boxes for appointments, and some deco all curated together.  With these books you pick a few pages and use the elements there.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed when flipping through and entire themed sticker book like Simply Lovely because there are so many elements that can be used.  With the A Color Story books you get 4 pages of coordinating stickers so you don't have to figure out what really goes together.  You can also create one of my favorite planning trends - the sticker cluster!

Journaling Stickers

Bullet Journaling is traditionally done with just a pen.  Some use highlighters and color coding but the majority of the spread is in pen.  The Happy Planner came out with a few journaling sticker books that can help you achieve that aesthetic with out having to doodle everything!  These sets have functional habit trackers, dates & days, boxes, etc but the book also have cute doodles to spice up your planner spread.  Since they are black and white (or have a little bit of gold foiling) you can keep your spread basic or color in the elements.
I've seen planner peeps create mood trackers out of some of the elements and then color them in daily.  I use these books mainly for the days and the date stickers but I'm hoping to branch out to a pen only spread!

Brights Sticker Book

Another sticker book that offers a lot for bullet journaling is the Brights sticker book.  This one has days of the week and number stickers for dates but it also has some washi style stickers that can help divide your page and some tabs to help you break up or section off your planner.
This is one of the first books I thought of when it came to creating a bullet journal style.  Like the name of the book says, the stickers included are very bright but still pretty functional.  If you had to get one sticker book to start you off on creating your own layouts I'd say grab this one because it's got so much.

Dates & Holidays

An essential part of creating your own layouts is having numbers and months to add to your planner.  These books allow you to create some fun monthly layouts since they have the months of the year and some holiday stickers.  You could knock out all of your monthly layouts in one sitting (or a couple, it take a lot to make these damn spreads!) without worrying which stickers to use.
Plus you'll achieve a more cohesive look across your planner when you use the same type of stickers through out.  Sometimes that is important to me because I love consistency!  There are ton of dates and holidays type stickers too and if you've ever gotten (and *ahem* not used) various extension packs, those work too.

I'm so excited to use the Happy Planner stickers and filler paper to make my own planner in 2020! The Happy Planner system offers so much customization its inspiring.  You can check out my first bullet journal spread of 2020 in this video and you'll peep a quick view of my classic happy planner set up.  Be sure to subscribe to see more planner layouts this year!

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What are your favorite sticker books to use?

xoxo, Moe

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