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So when I was in high school I had a couple of English teachers that really inspired me to read.  I don't keep up with it nearly as much these days (I really need to invest in this Audible thing) but I still remember the appreciation for the classics these teachers instilled in me.  I've added to intelligent conversations still yet to this day with literary comparisons and my knowledge of literary devices. 😏 I will say, I can't spell or write grammatically correct worth shit though....but that is for another post.

Recently, Literary Book Gifts reached out to me about sharing their product here on the blog and I was hit with a bit of nostalgia upon seeing some of the books they offer printed on their products.  First, when you visit their website you'll see a super streamlined and easy to navigate page.  They offer a wide range of prints on just a few products - men's & women's tees as well as printed totes.  Personally I find this AMAZING because I'm not navigating a ton of items mindlessly!  As mentioned on their about page, the design work is done in house & then professionally printed on the item with care.  I can totally see the detail in the line work of the art.  Each design reminds me of a block print!

Women's Tee Shirts

So first off, I love that the have The Wizard of Oz as a tee shirt! It's also in men's and in a tote bag, which means I love all three!  The best part about these shirts is the variety of colors.  Each design has about 13 colors to choose from from deep blue to khaki to bright pink.  I also love that they include a size chart right on the page + the mention that the shirts run a bit small.  It's attention to detail like this that really shows a company that knows its stuff.  Shop women's tees here.

Printed Tote Bags

If you're looking for a sturdy tote bag, these guys are printed with the same artwork available in the tee shirts and made of 100% polyester.  Featuring boxed corners, these bags are spacious!  They are available in 3 sizes, feature black cotton handles, and a black lining.  While the tee shirts come in a variety of colors you'll only be able to get one color way with these totes.  I think that each tote has been designed in the most striking colorway so you're sure to get the biggest wow factor!  Shop tote bags here.

Men's Tee Shirts

Finally, if you like a little bit of a looser fit or are maybe shopping for a gentleman reader you'll find these classic fit tee shirts in 100% cotton will do the trick.  Again, these guys are available in a variety of colors most offering at least 12 colors.  As mentioned on each men's tee shirt page these seem to fit pretty true to size and are recommended for unisex sizing.  How cool would it be to twin with your book obsessed boo as well this holiday season!  Shop men's tee's here.

So with all of that said, I want to offer you one more thing - you can use the code FIVESIXTEENTHSBLOG20 for 20% off of your order (no minimum)!  This would be so perfect as a thoughtful gift for someone who may have a little bit of everything.

If you'd like to see some more gift lists that are on the blog, click here.  I'm wishing you a very merry holiday season!

What gifts are you giving this year?  

xoxo, Moe

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