Holiday Gift Guide for the Woo Woo Woman

Personal and spiritual development has been an important part of my life this year.  Connecting in with my authentic self comes from a devotion to myself that I've found through various woo woo items & practices.  So today let's do an amazing little gift guide on the perfect gifts for the Woo Woo Woman in your life, shall we?
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I can't wait to share this with you because I love the thought of women cheering on other women to be the best they can be.  Through sharing my personal development journey I have discovered so many awesome women and watched them grow!  Join all the fun over in the Live & Create Facebook group where we talk woo woo and work life creating a space for planner people, mindful makers, and lunar lovers to come together in support of each other. All I want in life is for others to realize they too can do it....whatever the it is!  Every accomplishment - big or small - that puts us on a path towards betterment is worth celebrating.  Ok... on to the guide

Tools for Introspection

One of the greatest ways to connect with yourself is through reflection.  Various tarot & oracle decks can help the querent with a little bit of self reflection.  I've got a whole guide to reading tarot here but you can also find some of my favorite tarot decks in this postI've also been loving the Journal Deck, featured above, as an added journal prompt for my self reflection.  There is even a new edition called the Goddess Deck that I want to get my hands on!
Starting Friday 11/23 until Monday 11/26  you can save 25% on the Journal Deck & site wide!  (no code needed!)

Woo Woo Storage

Every woo woo woman needs a place to keep her sacred instruments.  In this post on creating altars in shared spaces I talk a little bit about how creating a sacred space when you share a space with others can be difficult.  If your woo woo woman isn't able to go all out with her altar a little storage box may be just the answer.  I have one similar to this (pictured) but you may be able to find a box that more aligns with here beliefs or vibe better hereThese boxes can be great for keeping tarot or oracle cards as well.  Why not add in a few spell candles, essential oils, or the like so she can get the most out of it!

Quality Correspondences

In my personal spiritual path I use essential oils as a means of personal growth.  Different oils can have different correspondences - for example Lavender is the Oil of Communication & Calm, Rose is the Oil of Divine Love - and when working with these guys, quality is key.  Some of our woo woo sisters may use dried herbs in their practices while others may use incenseGive the gift of quality essential oils with the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils available from doTERRA Throw in some unscented incense sticks & a diffuser so that she can get all those positive intentions going for the new year!  Grab this book to so she can remember each emotional association.

A Place to Keep it All

An amazing way to organize all those woo woo thoughts is in a journal.  While I have a hard time keeping a consistent journal - I have commitment issues and I need a lot of structure! - I love the format of the traveler's notebook.  These guys feature small, bound inserts that make creating different sections in the journal super easy.  Plus there are ton of inserts available out there and you can even make your own easily!  Webster's Pages is my favorite brand because they are so affordable and because of the variety of colors.  This walnut one is gorgeous!

The journey towards self reflection is a great one where the only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday.  All of these tools can help you or the woo woo woman you love on her journey.  Feel free to grab the free Intro to the Tarot ebook below (it will be right in your inbox!) and print out a guide for you and your bestie.  Throw it in with your gift and she'll love it!

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Connecting with our intuition allows us to feel strength & confidence.  I can't wait to see what you give your friends this holiday season!

What woo woo gift would your recommend?  What gift would you like to receive?

xoxo, Moe

ps.  Don't forget to snatch up the Journal Deck here to fill up that traveler's notebook!

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