3 Reasons Why You Need a Planner & You Don't Even Know it

Ever since I've gotten really (and I mean really) into this planner thing others have said "I think I'd like a fun planner like that but I'm not really that busy"  Well I'm here today to tell you that, once, I felt the same way.  It's just me, Zach, & the dog so it's not like I have Soccer practice to keep track of or report cards to sign but I'd dare to say a planner has been very, very helpful for me.
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I'd been blog planning (or creating an editorial calendar) for quite a while and so my planner really started out as a way for me to keep track of that but it evolved into so much more.  Sometimes, it's not necessarily for making plans but four housing all of the things I think about.  So I think of my planner as less of a planning tool sometimes and more as an organizational tool.  When I have an idea I write it down there.  Then I know where I've written it down and it doesn't get lost.  I can also keep all my thoughts organized - I used to have a ton of sections in my planner but now, not so much!  It can be a brain dump area for me, a place to future plan, and place to make sure ideas are organized.  Anything I ever need to know is in there and that's really why I like it.  

Here are three reasons you need a planner, and you don't even know it

You're a list maker

If you are perpetually writing things out, making lists, and making plans - you probably need a planner.  A binder type planner like a Filofax, Kikki K, Carpe Diem, and the like can really help you organize your thoughts.  You can pull pages in & out and add different sections if needed.  You're not bound to the current set up like you would be with a spiral planner.  I loved my Filofax because I could make different divided sections for different needs.  Of course there is the calendar pages but the dividers with lists are the best.  I'm currently loving all the different ways The Happy Planner allows you to customize a set up just for you.

If you're a stationery lover too, you'll love having a planner.  Create your inspiring lists on your favorite note paper and punch it into your planner.  If you are notorious for filling up two pages of a notebook then setting it aside or habitually losing your creative lists - you probably need a planner.  Like I said, you can keep all your ideas in one place.  If you always put your lists in your planner then you'll always know where they are.  The flexibility of a binder like the Filofax or a disc bound system like The Happy Planner is that you have the freedom to clip in, move, remove, rearrange, etc your lists.  You can also dig in your stationery stash to feel like you're actually not a hoarder.

You're creative

If you're the creative type that is constantly having ideas, needing to remember your crochet stitches, always forgetting that amazing idea you had on the train - then you probably need a planner.  A planner can be a brain dump sort of station or a station where you write out your next ideas.  I am a lover of brainstorming and having a section where I can just dump any related blog idea is amazing.  You can refer back to your ideas later and expand on them.

Then there's the whole idea of decorating your planner.  This is unique to everyone.  I started off using sticky notes to add dimension and slowly moved over to stickers.  Currently my planner is functionally decorated I use stickers to visually mark events much like one would color code, I use different layouts to achieve different goals, and I make actionable to do lists in a creative way to keep me inspired.  Oh, and don't even get me started on the creativity behind the bullet journal!

Creative planning puts the FUN in functional.  You can still achieve you goals with stickers and washi, believe me.  This is a place to be uniquely you and a place that should inspire action in you.  If you find that you're a creative person, you probably need a planner.  

You want to take care of you

Life can be a busy mess sometimes meaning the only me time you might get is limited to occasional uninterrupted bathroom breaks and the time you're staring at your face brushing your teeth.  Managing and planning your time can allow you to break off chunks to nurture yourself.  By making an appointment with yourself you're less likely to break it! I know it can be hard to put yourself above others but try to focus on yourself first, then you're more full to give to others!

If you're a creative person you can also use planning time as a self care activity! I know for myself the time I spend on my planner really enriches my soul.  I feel more on top of my goals and plans & I feel I've spent time expressing myself.  Bonus is I get to look at what I created everyday which is very inspiring.

Planning, I think, is for everyone.  And just like everyone takes their coffee differently everyone can plan differently.  That is the beauty of it - no one else's planner affects yours, so don't let anyone tell you your planning is less valid.  Forget comparison too!  If you see something you like in someones planner put your own spin on it and put it right on in yours!

If you'd like to get some creative planning & productivity inspiration check out past planner related posts here on the blog but also join the Five Sixteenths | Live & Create group on Facebook.  This group is a place for imaginative individuals to focus on mindful & intentional living through heart centered productivity, creative planning, & personal growth. We talk woo woo and work life creating a space for planner people, mindful makers, and lunar lovers to come together in support of each other. I'd love to have you join!

What ways do you use your planner to enhance your life?

xoxo, Moe

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