How to Combine Tarot, Oracle, and Affirmation Cards in a Reading

A few weeks ago I shared my favorite tarot and oracle card decks.  My collection has significantly grown over the last year or so but my purchasing of decks as slowed in the recent months.  I credit this to getting to know the decks I have.  Now, I'm not going to discourage you from buying all the decks (because it can be fun to collect and learn from different decks) but I want you to connect with the decks you have and find where new decks can fit into your journey.
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I use tarot, oracle, and affirmation cards for personal growth and development.  My persona belief is that these cards don't tell me the future.  These cards reveal to me things I may not consciously know or things that I know...but have chosen to ignore.  Those that are able to use the cards to tell the future have a gift I do not and the cards are mere tools for their gift.  But this belief in revealing subtleties is why I think everyone and anyone can benefit from using tarot & oracle cards.

It can be difficult to figure out how to use these decks just by themselves let alone pair these decks together.  Here are the three ways I suggest to start using multiple decks and card styles into one reading:

Pair Cards in the Same Position

When you're doing a certain spread, use two cards one position to get a more expanded yet direct message.  I find this most successful when I designate one of the pairs as the first or main card in that position.  For me this main card is often a tarot card.  So during the reading, I'll place down the tarot cards first in the spaces I've designated as for tarot cards.  Then I'll choose my oracle deck, shuffle, and place the oracle cards on to the tarot cards in the positions I've chosen to be expanded.  

Getting to know the decks you're using can help in this, too.  Pairing an oracle card with a tarot card on the same space can often explain or build on the message of the first card so when you know the energy of different decks you'll get the most from this pairing.  Often I'll use multiple decks (3 at max) because I know what each will give me in a reading especially when I'm putting them in a specific space.  

Create Specific Spreads 

When you know you're cards & your decks you can begin to work with them in a way that really works with you.  We form a certain relationship with our cards and I truly feel the universe will deliver what you need, in the way you need, if you just ask!  So, work with your cards.  If you know certain cards work great to form mantras, use those cards in a spread or specific position that deals with mantras.  In the weekly spread I usually do, I choose a card from the Sprit de la Lune deck as well as a card from the Sacred Soul Searching deck and a tarot card for the position of weekly theme.  I sort of created this spread around using those three cards because I find the most complete message comes from pairing these cards together.

When I do the Midweek Mantra spreads on the Connected Chakras Instagram, I also intentionally created a pairing between the Connected Chakras deck and the Pagan Cats Tarot.  I find that this mini tarot deck is very playful due to the cat imagery but offers a good compliment to the Chakras deck.  When you intentionally and repeatedly assign certain spreads as designated for affirmation cards or oracle cards, you'll find a better connection to your messages. 

Choose a Significator

This is one thing that really like to do when I'm attempting to work with a certain energy.  Choose a tarot, oracle, or affirmation card as the main theme of your reading.  For example - the Strength card.  So then you can pull and pair cards on how to embody the strength card.  

Perhaps you can ask "What mantra will help me embody the energy of this card?"  Then pull a card or cards that you know usually create wonderful mantras for you.  For me, I may choose to pull a card from the Connected Chakras deck & the Soul Searching Deck.  These always pair well for me. Again, knowing your cards and the messages they give can help you out here.

After working with my favorite decks and really connecting to them, I know which cards deliver the best messages when paired.  You'll find these great pairings by repeatedly using your cards.  Some decks may offer great messages on their own, some decks pair well because of their imagery, some decks might work well because they are both action oriented...the possibilities are endless.  You can also get to know your decks through a Get to Know Your Deck spread and keep note of what that deck will most likely tell you.

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Tarot is a great self reflective tool that can help hone your own intuition and help to develop a healthy relationship with yourself.  It is a key part of my self care routine, my goal setting strategy, and developing my self confidence.

If you'd like to read more about Tarot on the blog, click here.  You can also get weekly Tarot advice over on the Connected Chakras instagram.  If you're looking for another affirmation deck to add to your collection, check out my self published deck Connected Chakras or print your own here.

How do you use the tarot in your life?  How does it speak to you?

xoxo, Moe

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