5 Ways to Decorate your Planner...Functionally!

How you use your planner is a hot button topic in the planning world.  You can't use stickers, what's they're purpose?  You can't use just pen, that's too boring?  Where's the space to write anything? Where's the space to be creative?  Well...I've got one thing to tell you: how you use or decorate your planner is up to you.  If it works for you, you get to do it!
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I've gone through a ton of planning systems over the years.  First, I graduated from a pen only, Mead planner to an A5 filofax, then I got a Happy Planner, then I grabbed up every singe personal size binder I could find, I switched to vertical planning, then I used multiple planners, then I used a traveler's notebook, then I got a memory planner, now I'm in one planner.  Guess what?  By May I might be doing something totally different! (and that is ok!)

Today I want to share with you 5 ways that decor can serve function in your planner!

Simple yet Creative Monthly Layout

In my planner I like to keep the monthly layout simple.  Because the Mini Happy Planner has smaller space in the monthly layout and I personally have a lot to put in there...I keep it simple with pen & highlighters.  Highlighters help add color coding & decor to keep me inspired.  And the Frixion pens mean if something changes I can erase it!  Frixion also makes highlighters...so that is a plus.  To add stickers in, focus on the edges.  Don't let the stickers take up too much real estate but you can still use them!

Make your Routines Colorful

One of the best things about all the Happy Planner Sticker books is that they come with a ton of functional stickers.  The Productivity book (both for the classic & the mini size) is one of my favorites.  I also got these letter stickers from a Student sticker book.  By organizing out our ideal routines onto a planner page we're more likely to be able to conquer the task!  For my cleaning routine I've broken my house up into multiple areas.  I focus on one area a day, then do my morning & evening routines to keep the house in order.  A huge goal this year is to get back to my routine!  As I type this our living room is a wreck!

Fun Icons & To Do Lists

In smaller planners, quick reference icons can help us to see where tasks are assigned quickly.  I like to throw in an icon on check lists or in the daily box so I know when something like the trash needs to go out or when I need to get my yoga on.  Putting to do lists over a few days also keeps me on track with when tasks should be completed.  I usually have beginning of the week tasks and then weekend tasks.  I get to overwhelmed if I assign something to a certain day!

Stamped Habit Trackers

If you're down for a cleaner look - like the simple monthly layout - the planner stamps are a way to keep it sleek but still get creative. There are a ton of planner stamps out there to get creative with.  There's a set from Fun Stampers Journey that includes a set of banners.  When I didn't know what to do with them I used them as a habit tracker!  The best thing about stamps is that you'll never run out of an icon you use.  Stamp it every week for years to come.  I don't know if they are more economical because I find myself still buying them!  (Here's how I try to save money on them!)

Get Inspired

One of my favorite ways to decorate my planner is with the Sticker Cluster.  Most of the time I use this to create inspirational clusters in the lower right had part of my Mini Happy Planner spreads.  These guys inspire me to keep reaching for my goals through the week!  Sometimes pure decoration serves a functional purpose!

Anyway you use your planner - pen only or stickers galore - as long as it's working in the way you need it, the way you are using it is valid.  Some people use planners for tasks lists, some people use them for memory keeping, some people use them for project management, some people use them so their kid actually gets to dance class on Tuesdays.  You do you boo boo!

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xoxo, Moe

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