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I've been really, really, really trying to stream line my morning routine.  Since incorporating being more mindful in my everyday life, my morning routine has become super important to me.  It is a time for me, myself, & I to connect.  I've totally fallen out of the routine recently though.  I keep telling myself I can do it....but then I hit snooze.  (So if you have tips to get the hell up in the AM, I need them!)
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Putting on make up in the morning used to be a 100% go to for me.  Then it fell to the way side.  I think my skin got a whole lot clearer at some point in time and therefore I started giving less of a crap about make up!  My make up collection has been severely neglected these last few years as well.  I use the same products or types of products nearly everyday now.  And while I love that, I still want to purchase more products...but I don't find I use them.

Today I want to walk you through my 15 minute morning routine to get a fresh, fun face!  This is all drugstore too, so you won't break the bank!

The Base

One of the first things I do after I wake up is wash & moisturize my face.  I've been using products from doTERRA the promote clear skin.  After I wash, dry, spot treat, and moisturize I apply a primer if needed.  I haven't been using a primer recently but my all time favorite is this one from Rimmel.  I've been using it for ages!

The Foundation

In order to save time I don't do too much spot concealing.  I like to use medium to full coverage foundations in general so spot concealing isn't necessary.  The Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation is perfect for this (review here).  I used to do a lot of color correcting as well, but using a more full coverage foundation also makes this unnecessary.
For quick application I use a Real Techniques sponge, using the flat bit to pat the foundation onto my face.  I use a bit of the Wet n Wild Photo Focus concealer under the eyes and as a primer for the eyelids.  The rounded side opposite the flat end is perfect for under the eyes & the other contours of the face.  To set it all, I use the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (review here) with the round side of the sponge.  Using one tool for my whole face saves time.


This is where we get into the multi purpose products I love so much.  Wet n Wild had a trio of blush, bronzer, and highlight one summer that I still use (#sorrynotsorry) but today I use the matte blush & bronzer duo in Figi from Eyes Lips Face.  I use a brush from this set on amazon for some light bronzing/contouring and a Real Techniques blush brush for the blush.  This set is great because both shades in the duo are perfect for my skin tone.  The blush is great for all seasons.  It makes the whole look no fuss.

Eyes & Brows

Eyes have already been primed with concealer & set with setting powder.  I use a crease brush to add a bit of definition with the bronzer.  If you're feeling feisty, adding a bit of the blush color on the lid will tie the whole look together.  This technique gives you a fresh, natural eye look especially if you don't have time in the morning!  
Brows are super easy with the Wet n Wild brow mascara.  This puts all the hairs in place and fills them in just a tad.  Then I use what ever mascara I have - this one is from Revlon.

Lips & Final Touches

To round out the look, I keep the lips simple with my favorite shade of the Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit in Rebel Rose.  Here is where I'll change it up if I've already got an idea in mind.  I'm not going to sit here for another 15 minutes deciding on a lip color!!  Some of my other faves include the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lip Colors and the NYX Lip Suedes.  Simple application & long lasting.  And of course, gotta add some highlight.  This one is from Make Up Revolution.
Recently, I haven't been using setting spray as my favorite isn't sold in America!! I love the Maybelline Super Stay Setting Spray that I got when we were in Amsterdam.  Zach should be going back here shortly.....so I hope he can bring a few bottles back for me!

So that is my get ready quick routine to have a fresh, natural face for work!  I've only recently been doing this routine but it has been working!  I love that this is a no fuss way to look put together in the morning.
I think the key here, though, is to find the products that work for you.  This has taken a lot of experimentation on my part (and created an extensive make up collection!).  I know what colors look best on me and what products make my life easier.  If a product is multi use, that makes my life easier!  I love using duos, trios, and face palettes - I only have to got for one thing instead of multiple products.  Anytime there are holiday sets or collections that come out I snatch them up!

I did time this and while I was taking the pictures and all in all it did not take over 18 minutes...so cutting out all the photo taking posing, and making sure I'm actually capturing what I want its got to be under 15 minutes!  Like I mentioned above, it's all about finding the best products for you to make your routine easier!

If you'd like a few more beauty posts, check them all out here!

How do you get ready quickly?  Any go to products you recommend?

xoxo, Moe

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