3 Reasons why a Skincare Regime is the Best Mindfulness Routine

Self care has become something very important to me in the recent months.  I guess I never realized just what a mindful routine self care could be.  I've also discovered something else - my skincare routine has really become sacred time for me.  My skincare routine has become mindful.

We've just passed the New Moon for this lunar cycle.  In case you didn't know....it was also a Solar Eclipse! (/sarcasm)  With Mercury Retrograde, a New Moon, and a Solar Eclipse there has been a lot of energy surrounding the last few days.  This time is really asking us to reflect on ourselves & take care of ourselves, so that we can stand up and be who we need to be.  It is a time to seriously release that which is not serving us.
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So, let's talk about skincare.  If you're looking to start a mindful routine to help you gain awareness of the present, help with your self care, and aid you in calming your mind a skincare regime may be the best answer for you.  I'm currently testing out a skin care line called Lancer sent to me by Influenster and actively participating in & studying the way this regime is affecting me allows me to be mindful.  (Read more mindfulness posts here.)  Here are a few reasons why your skincare routine can become your best tool for mindfulness:

Mindfulness is Self Care

Since a mindfulness routine falls under the category of self care & skincare falls under the category of self care, you're kinda hitting two birds with one stone.  You're dedicating time to yourself, for yourself, that benefits yourself.  Often you're using a routine that is supposed to have an end result.  It is something you're doing to serve you.  While you don't have to be seeking some sort of skin benefit - reduce acne, reduce wrinkles, etc - sometimes this type of outcome is important to your dedication.  I do believe that your skincare routine should serve you.  I used to tear at my skin, treat it horribly with acne treatments, drying treatments, etc.  Once I started to love on my skin - hydrate it, nurture it, respect it, - my skin got better.  You can read a bit about previous skin care routines here & learn how I used to do harm to my skin!  Up until a little bit ago my whole skincare routine was a gentle cleanser & moisturizer at night then warm water & moisturizer in the morning.  By not stripping my skin I was really caring for myself.

The Routine is Already Established

If you've got a whole skincare system going there is really nothing to think or stress about.  The routine is already established, especially if you're going for a certain benefit, so you don't have to form your own.  Trying to form your own can cause added stress to your life (honestly) and you may get frustrated with the time it is taking you to do a simple self care routine.  Skincare can be deeply involved or just a few steps.  I'd suggest starting out with a 3-4 step system.  You can find a ton of premade systems - like the Lancer system I'm trying out from Influsenter (sign up for ebates to save $$ from Sephora!) - in various stores.  Even going to a place like Ulta where they have licensed estheticians will help get you in the right direction.  A good skincare routine often has a cleanser, exfoliant, & moisturizer.  Throw in an eye cream, treatment or serum (like for acne), and a mask and you have a complete system.

Personal Hygiene is a Requirement

It is kind of a requirement to wash yourself, amirite? So why not turn that into something that serves you!  I know that the shower, brushing your teeth, shaving your legs, etc can become a chore...and really shower time is one of three things:
  1. A time to come up with better arguments for previous disagreements.
  2. A time to devise worse case scenarios for the thing you're going to do right after the shower.
  3. A time to stress over all the things you don't have control over because this is the only time you've had to yourself all day.
Literally, shower time can be one of the only times you get a second to yourself.  Make this second serve you!  Washing yourself is a requirement, the mindfulness of the process is a perk!  It really pays to pay attention to yourself!

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily life doesn't have to be some long drawn out process or sacred, specific ritual.  Washing your face is the perfect way to embrace a routine that nurtures your skin & your soul.

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How are you loving on yourself this cycle? What skincare will you implement to nurture your skin & your soul?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I love this! I just started sticking to my skin care routine and I love it! I just love those minutes when i am doing something solely for my well being.


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