Make it Monday // Yummy Banana & Butterscotch Smoothie

If there is one thing I love during the summer (and every other season of the year) is ice cream.  Now I'm not saying this is in anyway the healthy version of ice cream...but there's like 2 to 3 bananas in here....so that's got to count for something.  Isn't it about subbing things out?  So like eat all of the bananas and none of the ice cream, right?  That's a thing right?

And before you say 'Ewwww this sounds like the worst thing ever!', hear me out.  Bananas are a good substitute for ice cream, that is a thing!  There are tons of banana ice cream recipes out there.  Butterscotch milkshakes are a thing too...at least for me.  So if you don't like bananas, or bananas as an ice cream substitute, or butterscotch....might want to skip this post. 
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Anywhoooo...I do try to make banana smoothies when I'm craving something sweet because then I won't eat the ice cream.  In addition to an ice cream weakness, my favorite ice cream topping in butterscotch.  I love butterscotch flavor everything! So I thought I'd try tossing in some butterscotch topping into my banana smoothie.  So that makes it less healthy...but still a good treat.  Better than a big bowl of ice cream, right? right?
Supplies // 2 to 3 bananas, half cup milk, ice cubes, 2 tbsp butterscotch topping (or add to taste), Nutribullet

First off, can we talk about the only thing I've used my Nutribullet for is milkshakes and these smoothies....nothing truly healthy. Whoops!  I really do love this little guy though.  It's perfect for when you want to make a single serving of something as you don't waste ingredients.  When I use my big blender I always over estimate - because really my whole life is just throw it in the blender - so I have too much.  If it's just me, that means I drink more than the serving I need.  If I'm splitting something with Zach, we may still have too much...or not enough to satisfy us!  The Nutribullet makes guessing the perfect way to make a single serving!
Chop up the bananas into the cup, add the half cup of milk (you can use almond milk, cow's milk, whatever milk you like), add the ice, & then blend.  I mean it's really that easy to make a smoothie.
Once it's all blended up, add the 2 tbsp of butterscotch topping & blend.  Taste the concoction & if you need a bit more topping, add it in.  You can get the low sugar topping, or even try adding in butterscotch flavoring.  I love the smoothness of the ice cream topping.
What I love about the Nutribullet is that the cups you use to blend also turn into the cups you can drink from.  You don't have to....but you totally can!  Some of the screw on tops even have handles.  How convenient.  
Now if you need me I'll be out on my porch drinking these guys all day, everyday.  Again...defeats the purpose of being healthy but it's so delicious.
On a serious note....I have been trying to make good substitutions for things in my life.  For example, drinking cold brew coffee has cut out a giant part of the sugar during my day.  I've also been drinking club soda + essential oil concoctions instead of soda (not everyday....but a few times a week.  Ingesting essential oils is a personal preference and personally because of their concentration, I don't suggest ingesting EO's everyday).

So I hope this little recipe inspires you to sub out the ice cream treat for an equally satisfying treat!  I know this meets my sweet tooth when I need it.

How do you substitute snacks to make healthier choices?

xoxo, Moe


  1. Looks like I need to go to the store because I want to make this!! Looks delicious!

  2. Never tried a smoothie like this sounds like a delish treat!


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