Eight Ways I Currently Use Essential Oils Daily

If you haven't been hanging around on the blog too long, you might not know that Essential Oils have become my number one jam recently.  Currently, my main focus is using them to enhance mindfulness and help with my spiritual journey.  But I've found that I'm using them in a ton of different ways that that.  Practical ways at that!  I'm using essential oils in everyday ways too. These potent little guys fit right into your everyday routine - and can even replace some products you use consistently!  Here are the six ways I use essential oils regularly:
how to use essential oils daily
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Add a drop (or two!) to club soda/sparkling water

I just did this last night & that's what prompted this post.  I'm seriously considering giving up LaCroix + getting a Soda Stream to make my own sparkling water!  Self sufficient hydration up in here!  Did you know that there are only certain oils that you can ingest?  One - not all lemon or peppermint, etc oils are created equally & not all are safe to ingest.  The generic lemon oil you may pick up at the drugstore to make your cleaning products with or diffuse through your house might not be approved to take internally.  This is why I get my oils through doTERRA, as certain oils they offer - Lime, Grapefruit, Oregeno, Peppermint, etc - are safe to cook with & ingest.  I personally would not suggest staring to do this everyday depending on the oils you used, but its a great alternative to processed carbonated drinks.  Keep in mind that citrus oils can break down plastics.  I always use a glass container to drink from.

Diffuse to promote sleep

I always, always, always, diffuses something overnight to promote relaxation and sleep.  Currently I am diffusing a blend of Wild Orange, Lavender, & Vetiver.  I've been known to mix the Breathe blend from doTERRA and Lavender, Cedarwood and Lavender, Frankincense and Lavender, pretty much anything and Lavender since it's know to be relaxing.  Before I started to work with doTERRA oils I despised the smell of lavender.  The oils from doTERRA are very pure and its the only Lavender anything I've repurchased.

Immune support

The On Guard blend really, really shortens my colds.  Diffusing the blend when I need a bit of immune support gives me some peace of mind!  I remember when I first started working with essential oils I'd gotten a cold.  I thought 'what could it hurt?' and it really soothed my throat, opened my airways, and shortened my cold.  There is a whole line of On Guard products I'm dying to try.

Spiritual healing & alignment

Here's the big one.  I work with essential oils mainly in my spiritual practice.  My spiritual practice isn't something that is really defined by a book, it's rather intuitive.  This is my favorite way to work with essential oils because I can really hone in on what my spirit & body need.  For example, this last month (July 2017) I worked with my Solar Plexus chakra to nurture & support myself.  The main oil I chose to work with was Wild Orange.  I used my intuition to create different blends with Wild Orange as the base to uplift & to nurture.  If you haven't joined the Live Creative Facebook group, you really should get over there!  I share so many essential oil & crystal pairings.  Click here to join.

Mood enhancing roller ball

This goes a long with the spiritual use of oils.  I try to work with a certain oil + supporting oils over a month to really connect with the oil.  I've created a few roller bottles that are specific to the moods I'd like to encourage.  Balance is a blend created by doTERRA that I really connect with.  It grounds me, balances me, and brings me calm.  Using Wild Orange + Bergamot is a great way to brighten & uplift.  

Dishwasher tabs

I honestly was sick of buying the tabs for so much money!  So I decided to make my own with washing soda, baking soda, kosher salt, & lemon essential oil.  Clean dishes is a win.  Honestly, what other cleaning concoctions can I make?

Air & Fabric Deodorizer 

The purify blend is perfect for this!  Seriously.  Trash sit a little too long? Diffuse Purify.  Jacket just a teeny bit stinky? Spray some diluted Purify right on there.  Car a little too fast food friendly?  Get your Purify out.  So easy.

Blemish treatment + skin care 

I've been using Tea Tree oil for a long time to treat any blemishes on my face. But there are quite a few oils that can work great for the skin - Frankincense & Myrrh to name some.  Each time I have a break out I put a dab of Tea Tree oil right on the blemish!

So those are the 8 way I use essential oils daily.  I've found that I can fit these guys right into my regular routine with little effort!  Its so funny how I've found so many uses and I didn't even know it until I compiled this list!  Originally I'd only considered 5 or 6 uses...I came up with a few more as I was writing!

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This is a completely personal regimen of mine - some individuals that use essential oils do not ingest them, some only diffuse them.  I would suggest speaking to your doctor if you have any concerns.  This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any ailment.  Please let me know if I might be able to answer any questions about essential oils for you!

Let me know how you use essential oils - doTERRA brand or otherwise - over in the Five Sixteenths Blog | Live Creative Facebook group.  I'd love to know which oils you connect with! You can read more about essential oils on the blog here.

How do you use essential oils?  Any tips, recipes, tricks?
xoxo, Moe

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  2. I love essential oils and I'm always looking for new ways to use them. Thanks for some new ideas! :)

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