The Sticker Cluster // My New Favorite Planner Decor Trend

I've been using my Mini Happy Planner for quite a while now and love the set up.  Prior to this I struggled with finding the perfect planner layout instead of focusing on using a planner.  At the end of 2015 I switched to a vertical layout in my personal sized planner.  I also continued to use multiple planners - including my Memory Planner - up until quite recently.  But the Mini Happy Planner just gets me.  It just works for me. 
Creating a Sticker Cluster
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After I stopped forcing my plans into careful boxes I was free to be creative!  That's what I love about the Mini Happy Planner - there are so many creative ways to use this little guy.  Plus, it fits perfectly in a purse for on the go.  The classic size is just too big for that.

So today I want to talk about the Sticker Cluster.  What the heck is a Sticker Cluster?  Well, it is a purposeful grouping of complimentary stickers (or other decor - die cuts, washi, etc) on a planner page intended to create an area of interest.  These clusters of creativity can be productive, inspirational, or just pretty!  In either of these situations these guys are very useful - if you find it uplifts you, it is useful!  I find that in my Mini Happy Planner, these sticker clusters look great on the lower right hand page.

Sticker Cluster Base
MAMBI Happy Planner Sticker Books
Begin by pairing full box stickers & washi tape in complementary patterns.  Combine a bright floral with black & white stripes, bold & busy patterns with simple ones.  Add deco stickers if they're included in your weekly kit.  If not, the Happy Planner sticker books have a few decorative stickers included. Keep in mind the overall color palette of your weekly set up as well.

The Productive Sticker Cluster
Functional Planner Stickers Mini Happy Planner
Creating a productive sticker cluster means leaving a functional space to write tasks.  Layering a lined box sticker over a bit of washi tape + a motivational header gives the perfect space for prioritizing you to-do's.
The Inspirational Sticker Cluster
Inspirational Planner Stickers
Inspirational Sticker Cluster
Inspiration comes in many shapes & sizes, just like the shapes and sizes of the quote stickers in a ton of the MAMBI Happy Planner sticker books (and other weekly sticker kits!).  I like to do these clusters two ways - using a full box quote sticker or layering multiple, smaller quote stickers.  Both of these styles empower me through the week.  Why yes, I can do it!!

The Pretty Sticker Cluster
Creative Planning in a Mini Happy Planner
Using a lot of deco from your kits or even just layers of patterned boxes & washi is a great way to add some prettiness to your planner page.  This serves to be a little inspiring - especially if you use an inspirational quote - but mostly it's just to be something pretty to look at.  I love these because they just make me happy all week while I'm getting my hustle on.


Another key to these clusters is balance.  You want to evenly distribute the visual weight of the elements across the page.  Think about the layouts that inspire you and the visual balance that you may feel when looking at them.  Check out a few of my Mini Happy Planner Plan with Me videos to get a better idea of what visual balance is.

This visual balance can be created by putting smaller clusters around the pages, leaving white space, & using complementary colors, textures, and patterns.  These are all elements of art and design - and one can have a good eye for these things without formal training!  This is another reason why I love creative and decorative planning - expression through functional surface design.  Man, if you're a creative person and you haven't gotten into creative planning or journaling, I think you're really missing out on a productive stress reliever and creative outlet.

I hope this little trend inspires you to get creative with your planning.  We all need something beautiful to look at, the inspiration is just a side effect!  If you'd like to catch some Mini Happy Planner Plan with Me action, check out my PWM playlist on YouTube.  Two of the images above have corresponding videos!

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Do you have a current favorite planner trend?  How do you creatively plan each week?

xoxo, Moe


  1. These are so cute! I am going to have to get some for my planner! :)

  2. Ooh, I want these. There are so adorable. I just love the colors, fonts, and patterns.


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