Beauty Review // Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation + Concealer

If you didn't know, Wet n Wild is one of my all time favorite brands from the drugstore.  Nearly every time there is a limited edition product from this brand I scoop it up.  I've curbed my makeup spending significantly over the last year or so - but honestly that is because I've found other interests!  None the less, Wet n Wild's new Photo Focus line has caught my eye.
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review
I've had these products for quite a while and have to say I really do love this product.  You can't beat a great foundation under $10!

From the Website
Your skin, only better. Our new high-performing, skin-perfecting foundation underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera-ready makeup every time. Specially made with a matte, light-diffusing complex to give your skin #nofilter perfection.

High-performing, breakthrough formula
Featuring light-adjusting complex to help prevent white cast in photos
Tested under 7 light conditions with and without the use of flash

taken from the Wet n Wild website here.

First Impressions & Application
When I first opened the bottle I was a little surprised by the little spatula type deal that is attached to the cap.  At first it reminded me of the way the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch foundation bottle is made.  The product is a little thicker than the Dream Wonder foundation, from what I remember.  Using the spatula was not the first instinct I had, for sanitary reasons, so I poured the  product onto a make up palette.  The consistency of this foundation isn't too thick, though thicker than the Dream Wonder foundation and the Fit Me foundation by Maybeline.

I applied this with my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge and love this application.  The sponge does soak up quite a bit more of this foundation that I expected.  I'd say it soaks it up a little bit more than something like a Revlon Color Stay or even the Wet n Wild Coverall foundation.  The Photo Focus foundation seems to apply similarly to the Dream Wonder - it applies thinly, feels like there may be a little bit of oil (not in a bad way!) in the product.  The foundation applies easily and blends seamlessly.  I was impressed with the coverage which is medium, yet buildable.  It also doesn't apply too cakey.
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review
The concealer is nothing to write home about, pretty average at best.  It applies evenly, has a light to medium coverage (good for brightening), and is really creamy so it blends well.  My first impression is that it is average but I prefer the Coverall Concealer from Wet n Wild.  

I also want to mention a lot of people said that the foundation smelled like paint.  It was the very first thing they noticed when working with the product.  When I first started wearing the foundation I did not notice the strong scent.  However, it did become noticeable over time!  

Wear Time
I work a typical 8 hour work day.  I would say that this foundation, with powder (my favorite powder here), lasts up to 9-10 hours.  It actually beats the heat too.  I wore this foundation for this photo shoot and it stood up to the heat and a few outfit changes!  It even looked great for dinner afterwards.

This foundation has become my go to for long wearing, easy application.  Not to mention the price is amazing!  With oily skin, it seems only the higher priced drug store products have a good chance of staying on me.  I don't notice that this breaks down or separates.
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer Review
As for the concealer - again, pretty average.  Lasted a good while, even through the heat.  All concealers crease on me at some point.  This one was just as good as any other.  The thickness of the product didn't feel heavy or move around on me.

Overall Impressions and Recommendations
If you have oil skin, I 100% recommend this product.  It does have a little bit of a weird, paint like smell so if you're sensitive to smells application may be hard for you.  Since it wears pretty well and the price is super affordable, I plan to go back to the foundation in the future!
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Swatches
As for color range, the website says the shades go pretty deep but not too light.  There are 20 shades in all from porcelain to mahogany.   I'm actually surprised by the depth of the color range as I did not find shades too deep out in the stores.  I did check various Walgreen's - there is one by my work that carries very deep shades of all foundations - and still didn't see the darkest shades.  But if you can find these guys out in the wild, $6 for a foundation is affordable enough to grab two and mix your perfect shade.  This is exactly what I do.  It also mixes well with the Maybelline Fit Me Matte foundation.

All in all, I give this foundation a thumbs up.  Good coverage, long lasting, affordable, + a wide range of shades is all impressive.  As for the concealer - you probably have another one that is your favorite but this one is not too bad.  Nothing to get super excited about.

Have you found any drugstore favorites recently?  Anything super exciting?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Can you please describe the differences between porcelain and soft ivory? They seem super similar in your picture. Thanks!


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