Make it Monday // DIY Faux Enamel Pins

I am in love with enamel pins.  They are super popular right now and I even featured my jean jacked covered with them in this video on my YouTube channel.  I've searched Pinterest and Amazon and have been drooling over way too many of the cute designs.  Since I can't afford every single pin out there and I'm 100% into DIYing anything I can, I'm excited to share with you a fun and easy way to make cute pins at home!
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If you're into adult coloring you'll have a fun time coloring in these pop/retro inspired designs.
supplies // this digital download, black or metallic gold permanent marker, assortment of colored permanent markers (my favorite Sharpie collection) or colored pencils, ShrinkyDinks shrik plastic, scissors, pin backs (I used these but these work too), E6000 adhesive, oven, printer, optional: ModPodge Dimensional Magic

First, print the digital download on to printer paper.  You can do this at home or take the file to a local printing place.  If you're really ballsy and don't have a printer but you have an iPad or the like you can try to gently trace the image on to the shrink film from the screen.  These images are around 3 inches wide/tall because the shrink plastic will shrink to about a third of its size so we need to make sure we don't end up with baby tiny pins!  They should shrink to around an inch.
Using the black permanent marker trace the outline of the shape onto the rough side of the shrink plastic.  When using permanent markers, it is best to trace just the outline first, color the shapes, then trace the details - like the lines in the palm of the hand and the seeds on the watermelon or prickles on the cacti - so as not to start blending the back marker with the main color of the shape.  You can also use a metallic gold permanent marker to outline if you'd like that traditional enamel pin look.
Color the shapes in using either permanent marker or colored pencils.  Using colored pencils will allow you to have more control over blending but permanent markers will give you a bolder color.  Once finished coloring, use the black or metallic gold permanent marker to add in the details.
Cut out the shapes close to the edge of the design.  Do not leave a boarder of shrink film as this will not achieve the enameled pin look.  Bake them in the oven according to the shrink plastic instructions.  Be sure to let the shapes cool once they have been removed from the oven.  They can not be pliable for the next step.
Optional - add ModPodge Dimensional Magic to the matte surface for a glossy look or spray with a clear sealant.  If you use the ModPodge Dimensional Magic..don't use too much!  You'll end up with crazy globs everywhere.  Also, work slowly to avoid any bubbles.  Let them dry for 24 hours.  Yo don't have to add this glossy top coat to the pins, the flip side off the pin is rather vibrant and glossy.  I've included two downloads since some of the words or signs would need to be flipped if you aren't using the Dimensional Magic.

Because the shapes are still a little bit see-through, you can paint the backs either black or white so that the pin back doesn't show through.  Let dry before attaching pin backs. Adhere the pin backs to the back of the cut out with E600 adhesive.  If you did not use Dimensional magic, adhere the pin back to the matte side of the pin for better stick.  Let dry for 24 hours.
Now rock your pins!  I love this because now I can own all the pins with out breaking the bank.  Pins can go on a ton of things - my personal favorite is the jean jacket..but I also love decorating little pouches.  Learn how to digitize your handwriting and use it to make a personalized pouch here!
Stay tuned for another DIY using your inkjet printer + your Cricut to create even more awesome pins.  If you want to learn how to make this Planner Girl pencil pouch, check out this post!

Are you loving the enamel pin trend?  What pins would you make?

xoxo, Moe

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