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During this new spiritual journey I've embarked upon, I've found quite a few things that have resonated with me.  One of these is energy clearing in order to align myself with my highest good.  Clearing the stagnant, negative, or all around garbage energy from myself and my space allows for a clearer area to work - both spiritually and mentally.
DIY Energy Clearing Kitthis post contains affiliate links, please see my full disclosure here.
My favorite part of energy clearing is using the scent as an identifier.  If you cleanse your home or space enough you'll begin to associate the scent with positivity.  That gets you in the right head space already!  Rituals should be sacred to you.  The best part of an independent spiritual journey is that you can decide what is special and sacred to you.  This is a personal journey to connect with your higher self, to develop your best self.

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supplies :: fire proof bowl or surface (I use a metal trinket tray - similar)*, Palo Santo (incense or sage can be used instead), crystal (optional), essential oil (optional), drawstring bag, printable instructions, diffuser necklace (optional)

To assemble your kit simply print & trim the instructions.  There are folding instructions included but the image below shows how it should look once you've folded it up.  Fold the paper in half along the longer axis, then flip the pages until you have a little book.  Place each item into the drawstring bag.

When it comes to choosing the crystal and/or essential oil to work with, I have some tips below, but the over all purpose is to consider the intentions you're setting when clearing your home.  It can be as simple as ushering in positive energy or more complex as wanting to open lines of communication for all inhabitants of the home.  I often cleanse my home/space on the New Moon and cleanse myself when I do a bigger tarot reading (New Moon, Full Moon, month ahead or week ahead spreads or when I read for others.)
Using Essential Oils to Cleanse your Home
This kit is perfect for gifting.  It is seriously great for this grad season.  Imagine embarking on a new life adventure with a way to center and cleanse yourself + cleanse your new dorm or apartment.  I need to assemble one to give to my sister who has just moved into a gorgeous apartment with a gorgeous view.

I chose Palo Santo rather than Sage for this kit mainly because I find that Sage smells like burnt hot dogs!  I don't quite like the smell and I find it more distracting.  I can't center myself because it smells so....funky.  You can also use incense to bless and cleanse your space.  My favorite to use is sandalwood.  This whole thing is about intent.  The ritual is unnecessary but I find the motions help with the intentions and make it more real

What is energy cleansing?

Energy clearing is either the physical removing (like working with herbs such as sage & Palo Santo or incense) or visualization of removing negative energy with in a space or from a body.  Whether you are using smoke to waft away negative energy or visualizing the space being filled with positive energy, this cleansing process has roots in age old traditions from many cultures. You may have seen incense used in churches and you may have heard the term Smudging.  I've been trying to do some research to understand if the term Smudging is being appropriated when used to refer to any energy clearing and it seems that the consensus leans towards yes, it is.  I choose to respect the word and therefore will continue to call the process of removing negative energy from yourself or a space as Energy Clearing.  The best part of a spiritual journey though, is using this technique as it speaks to you.  Using Sage, Palo Santo, or incense to cleanse your space or body also draws upon one of our most powerful senses - the sense of smell.  Which is why I choose Palo Santo, or sandalwood incense, over sage.  
Cleanse Your Home with Palo Santo

How to use the energy cleansing kit

Once you've assembled your kit, it's time to start using it.  As mentioned above, this kit is perfect to break out when you need to clear the air.  Staring something new - a new job, new home, new relationship, new adventure - is a great time to cleanse yourself and your space.  Cleanse yourself before big events - interviews or stressful social obligations - or before meditation.  Cleanse yourself after sicknesses, arguments, or returning from trips.  It is like a mental and spiritual shower, resetting your energy or ridding your of leftover negative or stagnant energy.  For this post I'll be sharing how to cleanse your home, space, or yourself with the motivation of setting new intentions but you can simply sweep away the negative and usher in the positive.

Blessing & cleansing your space
Before you start and if you're so inclined, walk through your house and clap (or bang a pot if you're brave) in each room.  This will break up the energy, especially stagnant energy, and prepare the room for blessing.  You can also use this time to decide if there are any intentions you'd like to set - to bring love into this space, to bring abundance into this space, to bring creativity into this space, etc.

Light the Palo Santo until it starts to smolder.  If the wood catches fire (don't worry, it's not going to combust!) gently blow out the flame until there are only embers smoking.  There isn't a need to place the Palo Santo in your fire proof bowl, you can simply hold the other end of the stick.  However, if you feel the need place it in the blow and carry both with you.  You may need to carry the lighter or box of matches with you if the smoke begins to dwindle.
How to Spiritually Cleanse yourself
Begin your blessing ritual.  This ritual is completely personal to you but consider starting at the front door of your home and working towards the four corners.  Using your hand, waft the smoke into the rooms and corners of your home.  Recite your intentions (aloud or in your head) and work intentionally around your house.  If you're blessing a small space, like your altar, waft the smoke over the altar, recite your intentions, cleanse any tools you use (tarot cards, crystals, etc) with the smoke as well. This is the perfect time to work in mindfulness.  Concentrate & focus at the task at hand.  Carve out time to perform this ritual with dedication and connect with yourself and your intentions.
Once you have finished your blessing ritual, you can either extinguish the Palo Santo and safely pack it away until it is needed again or let the wood smolder a little longer while you meditate (place it in the bowl this time).  I prefer the later option.  Again, this is your personal thing.  You do you.

Blessing & cleansing yourself
I usually cleanse myself while in front of my altar (or in front of any working altar) when I am sitting to read tarot or meditate.  So you can light the end of the Palo Santo as before, place it in the fire proof bowl, and set the bowl on your altar.  Using your hand waft the smoke over your altar, cleansing your tools, and waft the smoke over yourself.  Again, do this process with mindfulness.  Set your intentions, clear your mind, and usher in positive energy.
Quartz Crystal with Doterra Purify
If you don't have an altar, you can find the room you feel most comfortable in and set the fire proof bowl down on a table and waft the smoke over yourself.  If you're standing in your kitchen or your bathroom or your bedroom, light the Palo Santo and while holding the stick waft the smoke on to you.  You can wave the stick around you if you wish (be careful of smoldering embers, I've never had this problem though!)  Keep your mind clear, focused on your intentions. and usher in positive energy.  

Again, I like to meditate after this process as it's normally why I'm cleansing myself to begin with.

Cleansing & using the crystals
While performing your blessing rituals, waft smoke over the crystal in the kit.  Focus your intentions on the crystal as well.  Different crystals will have different effects on you and your space.  If you're choosing to gift this kit to someone, look into crystals that will work with that person.  Some crystals to work with are

  • Quartz - The 'master healer', use this for all around positive vibes
  • Sodalite - Use this stone for opening communication, better intuition, & developing truth
  • Amethyst - Use this stone for stress relief & peaceful sleep
  • Citrine - The stone of happiness! Use this crystal for happiness, abundance, and good things
Since working with crystals is a purely personal endeavor, you may choose to place this crystal in a prominent place in your home or in a more private place where only you will see it.  Hold the crystal, interact with the crystal, mediate with the crystal.  Work the benefits of the crystal into your everyday life.  For example, place rose quartz in a prominent place to draw love into your home or place sodalite in your pocket to remind you to focus on communication through out the day.

You may choose to work with different crystals at different times in your life or spiritual journey.  You can also omit this whole section if it doesn't speak to you!
Sodalite Crystal with Doterra Breathe
Using Essential Oils
Just like the crystal in this kit, you can include an essential oil for yourself or the recipient of the gift to work with.  You can choose to include the essential oil as well as or instead of the crystal.  This is another way to connect with the intentions of the cleansing.  Some essential oils to work with are:

  • Purify - This blend has a pleasant odor that freshens the air & lifts the spirit.
  • Breathe - A blend that opens airways.  It is said minty aromas help with the throat chakra of communication.
  • Lavender - Peaceful, calming aroma that relieves stress & helps with sleep.
  • Lemon - Bright aroma with uplifting & energizing

Using an aromatic diffuser, diffuser jewelry, or applying the diluted oils topically can reinforce the intentions you wish to set.  If you'd like to make your own diffuser necklace (as show in this post) click here for the DIY tutorial!
Amethyst Crystal with Doterra Lavender
Now that your space is cleared you can carry on with your regular life.  Hopefully this little ritual has brought some mindfulness into your life and created a sense of peace & positivity in your home or space.  Your ritual doesn't have to be so involved, please do as you see fit!
Citrine Crystal with Doterra Lemon
This ritual is simply to bring you into alignment with your intentions.  I find that I can say "you know what, I want to listen more" but if I don't do anything to reinforce it....I won't give a crap about it less than 24 hours after uttering those words.  This is a way to keep yourself accountable to your goals and a way to better yourself.

ps. You can also print and gift a set of these positive affirmation cards to go along with the cleansing kit!

Do you cleanse yourself before or after a big change?  What intentions have you set in order to advance your personal growth?

xoxo, Moe

*Please use caution when working with flame.  Not all bowls are fire proof!
** Additionally, information provided in this post is not intended to diagnose or treat any ailment.  Please see a licensed practitioner for professional advice.  Information on essential oils has been taken from the Doterra website, personal experience, and personal research.

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