Make it Monday // Printable Positive Affirmation Cards

I've been working hard this year on being more mindful.  Part of that is meditating and releasing negative energy I always seem to have around myself.  I'm always down on myself, stressed, moving too fast - part of being mindful is being aware of and living in the present.  I've tried to adopt things that can allow me to be more positive and let things go. 
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A few weeks ago I shared how I made a few Mantra Vision Boards for my Vision Planner.  This week I thought I needed something more positive to go along with my morning meditations....something that I could pull from to remind me that I am enough.  I'm already using Tarot Cards (my current favorite deck is this one and my new obsession is this one) to tap into some positivity and be aware of what energies I should expect through my day.  A positivity card would allow me to focus on a degree of my muchness as the Mad Hatter would say.  Enter a DIY.

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Begin by printing the 6 PDFs on the front of your chosen paper.  I chose regular weight printer paper as I often do when I am going to laminate something like this.  Following your printer's instructions for double sided printing, print the constellation image on the back of each page.  This will give you something that resembles a true deck of cards.
Laminate the pages using 3 mil laminating sheets and trim to size.  Each card measures 3 inches by 3 inches.  I specifically made this project with out using my cutting machines because I wanted it to be something accessible to all.  It is super quick to make these and trim by hand.  Sometimes that's all you really, really need in life!
There are more than 30 of these cards so you can pull one a day for a month.  You can also use the Mantra Vision Board DIY to make your own affirmation cards.  Choose your own quotes and your own affirmations to make this a personal experience.  Make a set of 52 to choose one each week or make a set of 31+ to pull one a day each month.  If you're really ambitious make 365!
I have added this deck to my personal altar.  A place I come for solitude, meditation, and some quality me time.  My altar isn't an altar to any deity or god, it is an altar to the person I want to become.  It is an altar to my best self!

I hope these affirmation cards give you some positive vibes through the days and weeks you use them.  Please let me know if you make them!

How do you stay positive?  How to do you get rid of negativity?

xoxo, Moe


  1. I really love this. Such a great idea to keep ourselves on track and continue to develop ourselves positively. Thanks for sharing. I will be printing these for myself!

  2. Hi Moe - thank you for the tools & being diligent to know your reach. I will start sharing these randomly (with people) as the universe sees fit. As an empath, I often want to leave people with something that will help them and they can fixate on to inspire personal growth.


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