Trend Tuesday // The Lowdown on Joining LuLaRoe

Last week during Trend Tuesday Cinnamon and I introduced you to LuLaRoe.  How to shop, how to find your size, and what to do if you're brand new.  Today's post is going to discuss taking the next step - turning your love for LuLaRoe into a business opportunity.  The main way this business works is through Facebook (join Cinnamon's VIP group!) & in home parties called Pop-Ups.  I'm going to let Cinnamon discribe her journey and answer a few more questions for you all.

I'm always excited to build up other women taking a chance on creating something awesome. How great is it that she get's to do this with her family as well?  A husband and wife team - Cinnamon & Nathan - ready to share fashion with the masses one legging at a time!  And guess what?  They do this on top of a floral business they also own!
Cinnamon says "I joined LLR because it was the first direct sales company that caught my interest. My husband and I already own and operate a wholesale floral business. We found ourselves looking for an additional business venture we could conduct online to help supplement our income since we had begun to support my sister who is going thru some health struggles. I discovered LLR after I was asked to join an online popup. After I received my first item of clothing I was so excited that something actually fit me! My excitement lead me to want to look into other LLR styles. I was still unaware that this was a direct sales company or that you had to become a retailer to sell LLR clothing. As I purchased more pieces I soon became hooked. I loved the comfort, I hate things too tight, and I loved the way I felt in the clothing which is not a normal experience for me. I now have so many women who feel the same way as they discover items that fit them better, fit their shape and make them feel good about themselves. The confidence and emotional wellbeing these women walk away with makes it so worth it! As women we are so hard on ourselves. We all have beauty inside and out. When you feel good and you feel confident in what you are wearing, that brings out the inner beauty even more."  Here are a few answers to some business questions :

What makes LuLaRoe different from other Direct Sales companies?

What makes LLR different than other direct sales companies is that you do not have to build a team to make money. People love the clothing and it really does sell itself. You can make a good income just selling the clothing. Team support and the training you receive from LLR on a regular basis is a huge help in making your business successful. They want to see you succeed, supporting you through the whole process; building you up and helping you grow with weekly trainings. If your sponsor is not immediately available team members are waiting in the wings almost any time of the day to answer questions you may have. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s a real family environment.

What does the sign up process entail to sell LuLaRoe? Can I get started with the company right away?
LuLaRoe is an investment. I believe it "weeds" out those who think it looks like fun and don’t necessarily want to work it as a true business. Currently in order to sell LLR you must choose and then sign up under someone who will become your sponsor. Your sponsor will give you the training and tools needed to get ready during your waiting time to become a retailer. It is very important that you choose your sponsor carefully. I would like to tell you all sponsors are created equal but it’s not true. You really want to find someone who is in it for the long haul and may have a business and organizational background to help you navigate the waters. For many just the thought of having to do taxes as a business owner at the end of the year is pretty frightening so it’s really important that you choose a sponsor who can help you through every twist and turn. It is currently about a six week waiting period in the queue before you will receive your call to be on boarded. You are required to purchase an on boarding package. There are several to choose from and they contain the current styles that are selling well for that particular time of year. It usually is about 300 pieces of inventory. Packages start out around $5000.00. There are larger packages and add- ons if you choose. You may also need other supplies such as hangers, racks, and bags and so on depending upon how you to choose to run your business.

Are there any hidden fees or minimums to reach?
In order to stay active as a LLR retailer you are required to order 30 pieces of inventory a month. There are no other fees involved. There are exceptions. For example, perhaps you had to have surgery. If you were not able to purchase 30 pieces that month you can purchase the next month, but it would have to be 60 pieces.

How can I learn more about selling LuLaRoe?
If there is anyone interested in learning more information, I would be more than happy to set up an opportunity call with you. You can also message me via my Facebook business page or by emailing me at lularoecinnamonlittle@gmail.com.

It has been very helpful to learn all about the LuLaRoe experience - from shopping to launching a business, LuLaRoe is fun to be a part of any way you feel comfortable!  If you haven't watched my all encompassing review as a customer on posted to YouTube, check it out here.

Don't forget to join the Facebook group - LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little VIP - you'll be just in time for this week's album sale!  Also please follow her social media links so you'll stay up to date on all the LuLaRoe info :

Have you ever taken a chance on something you're interested in?

xoxo, Moe

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