Why it is OK to just, Not

Does the title of this blog post make sense?  There's been something on my mind recently .... and it's that i'm just Not.  I'm just Not doing anything.  I'm being lazy, I'm falling out of my routines, I'm just Not.  I'm just Not feeling like myself.
(if you want to not use this in your own journal, planner or scrapbook you can download a 3x4 image here and a white PNG overlay here.)

I want to say that it is ok to just Not.  The only thing pushing you is you and maybe you need a break from it all.  It gets exhausting working towards goals and sometimes you get caught up in the getting there that the journey gets annoying, defeating, or lost.  

I think that is where I am right now.

My word of the year for 2017 is Mindful.  And I want to be more aware of my journey....not just reaching the destination.

So it is is ok to just, Not at certain times.  Just stop.  Stop working, stop striving, stop pushing and evaluate where you are.  Where are you in your journey?  Are you spinning wheels?  Are you stuck and not moving forward?  Enjoy where you are now before pushing yourself forward.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of reflection and intention to get start to move forward again.

In 2016 I focused on the word forward.  I just wanted to move confidently in the direction of my dreams (pretty sure I saw that quote on Pinterest) but I think as we got closer and closer to 2017 I stalled out.  That was evidenced by the lack of YouTube videos and blog posts.  I wasn't focused, I wasn't aware, I didn't have intent.

That is what mindful for me in 2017 is - awareness and intent.  To be comfortable where I am and to move forward with intention.

So, if you need to know...sometimes it is ok to just, Not.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

xoxo, Moe

ps. for the month of January not only am I working on the One Little Word prompt from Ali Edwards I'm also doing January Reset from Allie Scraps in planner form.  I'm going to be sharing more on the blog and in a YouTube video shortly!

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