Trend Tuesday // 3 Ways to Give Creatively this Year

Every year I try to find something that is meaningful to give to someone.  For a long time that was something handmade.  Now I like to stroll around the mall until I find something that speaks to me.  But if you've got a creative person in your life, something from the mall may not always do.  Creative people appreciate creativity, so why not give them the best creative gift you can?  Here are 3 ways to give creatively this year:
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Give the Gift of Handmade
If you didn't know Etsy is the top handmade marketplace.  There are thousands of shops offering a ton of handmade goodies sure to delight the creative person in your life.  Custom pet portraits, planner stickers, beautiful jewelry, unique vintage finds, crocheted and knitted goodies, and anything you could really think of.  Additionally, Ebates - my favorite cash back site - offers cash back on purchases on the Etsy website!  This does not take any moolah away from the Etsy shop owner so don't think you're short changing their worth.  You can even give an Etsy Gift Card to someone to be used on any Etsy shop.  Sign up for Ebates here & save money while you give this season!

Give the Gift of Creative Supplies
Etsy can also offer a wide array of supplies - cabochons, hand spun yarn, jewelry findings, etc - for creative gifting as well.  If you prefer a more big box store approach, head to Michael's, Joanne's, or Hobby Lobby for some creative supplies.  If you're also short on time use your Amazon Prime membership to ship your craft supplies to you in two days!  You can also give the gift of Amazon Prime if someone really needs to get some specific supplies to their home often.  Amazon is the place I go for scrapbook paper and ephemera that I can't find in my big box stores.

Give the Gift of Learning
Creative people always love learning new things.  Craftsy is a great website to share the gift of learning with the creative person you love.  Right now their 12 Days of Craftsy event is going on!  Check the front page each day for the deal & some deals are coming straight to your email inbox. Be sure to create an account so you can get all the juicy details!  Find a ton of classes & supplies on the Craftsy website.  Cake decorating, quilting, photography, drawing - these classes are all online from great instructors!  Plus you can also find many of the supplies you need for the classes right on the site. Craftsy runs sales - on supplies and classes - often.  So keep a look out if you or you're loved one is interested in a class!

Creative gift giving really means you care.  Also, if you give handmade (like something from Etsy) you're supporting a small business.  Your purchase directly impacts the person you purchase it from!  You may be responsible for putting a gift under their tree as well! So remember to keep handmade in your mind this year for the holidays too!  If you'd like some more holiday giving inspiration, check out past gift guides here.

How are you giving creatively this year?

xoxo, Moe

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