Trend Tuesday // How to Build a Living Locket with Origami Owl

The newest adventure I've embarked upon is launching my own Origami Owl business!  Origami Owl is a jewelry brand that helps you tell your story through the Living Locket.  I've loved O2 for a while now and can't wait to share the creative brand with you.
The reason I decided to join the Origami Owl family is that I saw how creative the brand is.  Create and tell your story, a story personal to you, but curating charms into a perfectly sized vessel (the Living Locket) to create a keepsake that is special to you or to a loved one.  Curate hundreds of looks with just a few key pieces and be a fashionable memory keeper in the process!  If you'd like to learn more about the company, check out Bella's story here.

Today I want to share with you how to create a Living Locket.  I glazed over the process in this post but I wanted to go more in depth with the process to show you how personalized this process can be.
First, pick your charms.  Browse the charms on the website here or flip through your Take out Menu.  Think about the hobbies that move you, the sports teams you root for, the causes your fight for, the colors you love, and the person you are.  Pick charms that move you or have special meaning.  If you're browsing online, add the charms that move you to your cart.  This will help you to see all the charms you love in one place in order to better form your story.  If you're browsing the TOM, circle the charms you love in order to form your story.
Second, pick your Living Locket.  This is the vessel and the unique keepsake to hold your story.  There are a ton of faces, bases, and styles to choose from.  The large Living Locket is about the size of a quarter and will hold 7-10 charms.  The Medium Living Locket - available for the leather wrap bracelet too - is the size about a nickel and holds 4-6 charms.  The Mini Living Locket is about the size of a dime & holds about 1-2 charms depending on size.  Depending on the story you'd like to tell you may need to decide on the locket size you'd like.  There are even different shapes - round, heritage, teardrop, and heart shaped.  And there are different styles - faces with Swarovski crystals, filigre on the Sentiments collection, or even just brushed metal.  Choose between a variety of metals colors - silver, black, gold, and rose gold - as well.
Third, chose the chain to compliment your locket.  Again there are a variety of metal colors to choose from, but this time you should also think of the length you'd like to wear your locket.  The larger faces look great on the longer chain lengths.  My current favorite length is the ______ inch chain and my current favorite chain is the flat oval link custom chain.  I find this chain and length look great with the large and medium lockets.
Fourth, personalize your look with a plate or other inscription.  I love mixing metals at this step.  Put a gold plate in a silver locket or add a sliver plaque or slider to a rose gold leather wrap.  Metal mixing is one of my favorite ways to create a custom look.  The Inscription line is a great way to add a personal date, quote, or sentiment to your keepsake.
Finally, accessorize!  There is a wide array of dangles, earrings, & plates to add something extra to your locket.  I love adding extra dangles to my necklaces with larger lockets.  There is even a piece called the dangle collector - available in gold or silver - to organize multiple dangles on your large Living Locket.  Earrings compliment your Living Locket look too.  Choose a set in the same metal color as your chain and locket or choose a to match the Swarovski crystal color on the face of the locket.

Building a Living Locket is a relaxing experience that taps into your creative side.  It is an active way to memory keep and create a keepsake for you or for a loved one.  I have fun pairing charms and creating looks that inspire me everyday.  Find some of my creative looks on my O2 Instagram, here @O2plannergirl.

I would love to help you build a locket to tell your special story.  Please shoot me an email here to let me know how I can help you tell a story special to your heart.

xoxo, Moe.

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