Free Sticker Friday // Pizza Night Stickers

Guess what!?!?!  It is finally time - I have a a free printable sticker set that is made for both Cricut users & Silhouette users!  I've started to create some stickers for both machines.  Plus a PDF if you've just got your own two hands.
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This week is Pizza night stickers.  I made these both because I love pizza and because I remember going to get pizza or eating pizza at home with my family.  So this would be great to mark family nights, too.


As with all printables on the blog, these are for personal use only.  Do not sell the design or the finished product, do not claim these as your own.  Do not print and disseminate this in mass quantities.  If you would like to link to these stickers, please pin or link to the post not the download itself.
To use these with your Cricut Explore, upload the PNG, erase the branding strip, and size the width to 5.5 keeping the proportions locked.  To use with your Silhouette Machine, open the studio file and set the red line to your settings for kiss cut, and the blue line to your settings for cutting all the way through your sticker paper.  If you're going to cut these by hand, try this tool.  I hear good things! Hope you enjoy!

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Next week will be just for the silhouette & a PDF.  I haven't worked through all of the stickers I designed in Silhouette studio yet...but I will!

xoxo, Moe


  1. Just what I was looking for and the font is beautiful. Thank you so much!

  2. so excited to use them!!! Love the stuff you create!!!


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