Make It Monday // DIY Sushi Bookmarks with the Cricut Explore

If there is one food I'm very fond of...it is Sushi.  There is one grocery store down from where I work that offers a little grab-n-go type situation of sushi and I love to stop in every now and then.  I haven't found a Sushi restaurant near me...but there's not much near me but chain restaurants.
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When I found these little sushi images on FreePik.com I knew they would make the perfect fun little bookmark!  I've been trying for ages to come up with a way to share how to make a magnetic bookmark using the Cricut Explore.  The main thing I was struggling with was how to make it durable.  Today I'm pleased to say I've come up with a solution.  I do hope that you try this tutorial out and let me know how your bookmarks come out!

Supplies :: magnetic tape, printer paper, 3mil laminating sheets, scissors, laminating machine, Cricut Explore (or Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore One) + cutting mat, sushi PNG image (at the end of the post) 

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Upload the sushi PNG image to Cricut Design space.  I always select Complex Image when I upload an image because I think it preserves the best quality.  This PNG will only need a little clean up to remove the branding and licensing information.  Add it to a new canvas and size it to be 8 inches tall.  (Keep the proportions locked, the width will adjust automatically.)  Select the Go button at the top and print your image on regular, thin printer paper.
Once the image is printed on regular printer paper - you may need to select the best print quality your printer has to get a crisp image - slip it into the 3mil laminating sleeve and trim the sleeve around the registration marks.  This will allow the Cricut's sensors to read the marks more easily.  Run the pouch through the laminating machine per the machine/pouch's direction.
Now that the full page is laminated, set the dial of the Cricut Explore to Poster Board, load the mat, and click the flashing Cricut Button.  This will cut out the shape of the bookmark.  You'll find that the Cricut reads the registration marks normally as long as you've trimmed enough of the laminating pouch away from them.
Carefully fold each bookmark in half making sure to match up the ends.  Using the edge of the scissors handle, create a crisp fold.  To make the magnetic tape a bit stronger, cut two lengths of tape about .5" long then stack them on top of each other so that one side is still sticky then stick that side down to one side of the inside of the bookmark.  (Hold one .5" piece of tape with the sticky side down.  Place the second .5" piece of tape sticky side down on the top, non sticky, side of the first piece)
Repeat the same process - double up the magnetic tape so that only one side is still sticky.  Flip this piece over so that the sticky side faces up.  Place the smooth magnetic side against the smooth magnetic side of the previous piece.  They may not line up, but that is fine.  As long as the sticky side is up.  Then press the top piece of the bookmark to the sticky side of the magnet facing up.  You should end up with a the magnetic pieces sandwiched between the two sushi images.  This should open and close easily.  Repeat this process for the two other bookmarks.
These bookmarks make great gifts for your planner friends or friends who love to read!  How cute would these be for back to school?  I plan on giving these as a gift and keeping a set for myself!

The best part of this is that the laminating isn't too thick so that the magnets won't stick.  Doubling up the tape makes it a bit stronger.  The printer paper also helps to keep the thickness down so the magnets will stick to each other.  I also plan on having a few other free bookmark templates available in the future so you can repeat this DIY for varying seasons and themes!  Love it!

If you've been thinking 'Well I'd love to do this with my Silhouette.' or if you've been thinking 'I'd love to just cut these out by hand,' I've got you covered.  Click the link above to find the PNG, PDF, and Silhouette file.  I can't make any claims on how the the blade of your Silhouette will cut through laminate..nor do I know if you'll need a deep cut blade.  That is why I love my Cricut....it really is the best for paper crafting because I know it can cut through thick(ish) materials.  I make dividers like this all the time!  Remember, all printables on the blog are for personal use only.  Do not sell the design as is or the end product.  Do not distribute this in mass quantities either.  If you would like to share this post, please pin or share the blog post only and not the linked files.  As always, thank you for playing nice!

Hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Moe
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