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In my memory planner I use a lot of decorative stickers.  In face, a lot is an understatement.  My favorite thing to do is use a specific type of sticker to mark down a specific type of event.  For example, the stickers I'm going to share with you today are stickers I use when I've had a particularly crazy or stressful day at work.  I  use these because they are hilariously happy unicorns with a creepy stare. 
Some of these stickers have some bad words, but the celebrate the fact that I made it through the day....and didn't murder anyone.
One of my favorite times I had to use this sticker was when someone in the office put soap in the Keurig.  Why did someone do that?  No idea...but I spent a good chunk of time brewing up mini bubble baths in Styrofoam cups to clean it out.  Wonderful morning at work!


So if you'd like to down load these hilarious stickers, click the link above.  There is both a PDF and a Silhouette file.  As always, these printables (and all printables on the blog) are for personal use only.  Do not sell the design or printed sticker set, do not claim this as your own, and do not print and distribute in mass quantities.  If you would like to share these with friends or pin to Pinterest, please pin or share this blog post.  I'd appreciate it.  Find more printables here!

xoxo, Moe


  1. I love these - thanks Moe! Perfect for my work planner. :)

  2. Hey Moe! When using the Cricut and using the PDF file- how do we get the cut right on it?

    1. Carley - unfortunately these aren't designed to be cut using the Cricut. They won't fit in the print area and if you use the magic clean up tool you'll erase too much for them to be usable to cut. These were designed for the Silhoutte but there is a PDF, so it might be better to cut by hand. I'll have a different set of Cricut ready stickers next week!

  3. These are just cool! Too funny!


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