Make it Monday // DIY Stamped Habit Tracker

This has been a few planner DIY posts in a row - but currently I'm on vacation and this is the only back up I have!! I've been loving being creative with my stamps!  And if you haven't seen the new Studio G stamps in the dollar section of Michael's you need to get there super quick and snatch em up!  This is a great way to use stamps in your planner with out having to pull them out each week to plan.  I love the idea of a mass stamping session then using them all up.

Supplies// Studio G stamps (or these from Studio l2e work great too), Avery 8167 (or equivalent) labels, paper trimmer, alcohol markers, planner stencil (learn to make one here), assorted other stamps, acrylic block, stamp ink
Use the paper trimmer to cut the labels apart and trim to 1.5 inches.  As the labels are they are a bit too big (comparison above) to fit in your Erin Condren planner.  These may be the perfect size for other planners so if you chose not to cut them that is ok as well.  These labels have a few black lines at the edge of the page.  If you line those up and trim that section off it is easier to trim each column to 1.5 inches.
Next color the column with your alcohol markers.  These markers are great because they create one solid color across the column instead of showing a darker overlap where you may overlap the color.  These markers actually came from TJ Maxx so there were more affordable.

The Studio G stamps have a set of letters for the days of the week that are perfect for this DIY. Align the stamps on the acrylic block, ink it up, and stamp at the bottom of each sticker.  Continue for all columns.
Use the planner stencil (or another rectangle stamp) to add the box to write your habit in...or use another stamp from your collection to create your own habits.  I love my Marion Smith stamps for a social media tracker (unfortunately I don't think these are available any more).

Now you can have the look of stamps with out having to pull them out every week!

Have a happy 4th everyone!

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  1. Hey Moe! Can you post the link for your reference link for how to make a stencil?


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