Make it Monday // DIY Planner Stamp Hack

Recently I've been getting into planner stamps.  I'd say about a year ago I thought 'I'd like to try stamping in my planner.' and just now it has come to me actually doing it.  There was some build up, but now I'm here.  And with any new thing I try, I always have to find a way to DIY something.  I am also very impatient and very frugal when it comes to something I'm not 100% I'll be into.  So when I started eyeing some photo-polymer cling stamps to use in my planner I didn't think spending $14+ on something I may not be into, would be a good thing.  So I decided to see if I could DIY myself some word stamps....and it is totally possible.

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I found these Studio G wood mounted rubber stamps in the small crafty aisle of my Meijer (but I'm pretty sure this same brand is sold at Joanne's and Michael's in their little dollar section) for a $1 each.  I've found some on clearance before for .50 cents, so these really don't break the bank.  If you're looking to create a lot of words, you may need quite a few sets - but even spending $5 on these is worth it because you can get A TON of words out of the amount of letters you have.  I chose to stick with two sets (because that's all my Meijer had!) and still got 5 words out of the two sets.  I'm sure I could get more, I just can't think of any more right now!
supplies // small wooden alpha stamps - set of two, various washi tape strips

First,separate the stamps from each other.  These come in a little block where the rubber part of the stamp is connected. Be gentle, and pull the letters apart that you'll need to use.  Start grouping your letters together and setting them aside.
Once you have the words together, make sure that the stamp side is flat and flush against each other.  I found that on some stamps I needed to gently pull the rubber part off of the wooden handle and re-position it.  The adhesive used on these stamps is rather sticky and has a good hold, but you can pull it off and stick it back on.  I'm not worried about the rubber part falling off after doing that either.  Lining the stamps up like this is important so that the ink is distributed evenly across the stamp and to ensure that even pressure will stamp a full image.

Now that the letter stamps are lined up well place a strip of washi along the handles of the stamps.  Make sure the washi is long enough to wrap around the whole set of stamps that make the word.  The best part about this is the washi isn't permanent.  So if you want to make a new word you can unwrap the washi and use the letters again.  When I first thought of this DIY I thought that super glue would be the best.....but now I know that washi is the best idea!
Now you have a set of functional word stamps for a great price!  I am thinking about finding a few more sets of these in the same font to make a few more words....

You can also find my Planner Stamping playlist here on YouTube & find ways to save money on your planner stamps here.

Is there something you've been wanting to try but haven't committed yet?  Anything you DIY to see if you really want to jump in?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. What a great idea! I found month/dates stamp set for $3 in the Target Dollar Spot as I'm learning to embrace more creativity for journaling (can't use them in my planner as I'm in a pocket - too small).

    I'm like you where I want to use what I've got or repurpose something for the testing phase before sinking money into the kit n' caboodle!


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