3 Apps to Manage & Develop Your Online Presence

When it comes to developing your social media presence online, there is literally the best tool right in your pocket - your smart phone.  I specifically have an iPhone and I would say 90% of the interaction I have with my phone is on my social media platforms.  I remember when I first signed up for Twitter, I used it on the computer.  Every tweet was typed with two hands instead of two thumbs.  Same thing for Facebook, every interaction I had with Facebook after I first signed up was from a computer.  Of course, I could text from my little flip phone to a number that would sent a tweet out for me...but that is in no way a comparison to what we can do with our phones today.
I much prefer interacting with Twitter and Facebook through the app on my phone or tablet.  It is sleeker and easier to navigate now that my thumbs are used to scrolling.  So your phone is a great way to build your online presence if you're always on the go or into more of a lifestyle type of account.  Here are 3 apps I love to passively build and manage my online presence:

I have beaten this app to death on this blog, but it truly is my favorite app for overlaying text on a photo. The option to add an item - like a box - and change the transparency gives you a mini design machine in your pocket.  All of my YouTube thumbnails and most of my blog photos have text overlayed with the Phonto app.  I do most of my work on the go - editing photos and videos for my blog and YouTube channel on my phone, uploading advertisements on my Instagram, etc is all done on my phone so using a graphics program to create these 'beauty images' for my platforms isn't practical for me.  If you do a lot of work from your mobile, Phonto is an app to have.

IFTTT (If This, Then That)
IFTT is a great app to passively add content to other social channels.  You can set up recipes that will happen when an action is taken outside of the app.  One of my favorites that was recently removed during an update was the Etsy to Pinterest recipe.  I loved once I listed an item in my shop, it was automatically pinned to a specific Pinterest board.  That was was the one that was the greatest.  But what the app does is work from scenarios you create - so, a recipe could be if a youtube video is posted on this account, then send a tweet with the link out on that account.  I have recipes set up for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  My other favorite one is the recipe to send an Instagram photo to twitter and post it as a native Twitter photo, not a link to your Instagram page.  I love that because I am not engaging on Twitter but ever since using this recipe I get a lot of reactions to my posts.  There are tons of supported social platforms to make recipes from as well.  This app is a great passive way to promote your actions on one platform to another platform, especially if you're a content scheduler like I am.

HootSuite is another app that can help you passively stay active on a certain platform.  And I have to admit I don't use it that much (really at all).  I love that I can schedule Tweets and Facebook posts right from one app and manage all of the things going on with my Twitter feed.  It is very helpful to schedule posts weeks in advance if you are unable to be actively posting on a certain platform.  I've always believed that you don't need to be on every single social platform ever but if you want to keep a presence on some that you think are important (for me that is Twitter), HootSuite is a great app to schedule content for you.  Last time I checked there is a limited feature to schedule to Instagram, but I believe it just alerts you that you need to post something rather than pushing the post to Instagram like HootSuite does with Facebook and Twitter.

If you're busy like me - I have a full time job and I like to take naps - these three apps can get your social media presence in line.  Hope these guys help you out!  And here is a bonus - for once all of these apps are available in the Google Play store as well!!

Do you have any time saving or 'helping hand' type of apps you go to everyday?  Any more suggestions of apps for me to try?

xoxo, Moe

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