Free Circle Date Stickers for your Planner

If there is one thing I need most in my sticker stash, it is number stickers.  I use the undated inserts that I sell in my shop - both the undated monthly and the undated vertical week on 4 pages - so instead of handwriting in the dates I love using stickers.
Today I have for you a free Silhouette file + a PDF with assorted colors of number stickers!  These colors match the rainbow color scheme I have in the shop but will look create with an assortment of any other stickers you may have!
The Silhouette file already has cut lines so you can just print and go.  If you have the Cricut, I'm thinking you might be able to use an online program to change the PDF to a PNG and upload it to the Cricut Design Space.  You'll have to clean up the image and the print area will be too big, but you should be able to crop the image down when you upload it to Design Space.  I'm going to try this and share with you here if it is possible!

Download the files here.
Please remember that these files are for personal use only.  Do not claim these as your own, sell them or redistribute the file.  If you'd like to share this file with someone, please link back to this blog post.  

Hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Moe


  1. Love this! Although, I don't have a Cricut or Sillouette, I thought of using a punch, what size are the dots?

  2. Love that I came across your website, I have spent hours trying to find a template like this for my planners.


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