Make it Monday // Easy Mixed Metal Cluster Necklace

Every now and then I'll dig into a hobby I haven't done anything with in a long time.  Often that ends up being something jewelry related.  I haven't bought jewelry making supplies in a long, long time and when I recently did my crafty room destash, I gave a lot of it away.  Every now and then I get the bug to make something creative with wire, beads, chain, etc but it's always spur of the moment but not strong enough to go buy more supplies.  
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I've been trying to work through my jewelry stash for a while so I've been big on the mixed metal train.  The last two jewelry DIY posts have been super easy (here & here) and this one will be easy as well!

Supplies :: head pins, large jump ring, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, clasp, two different chains, assorted beads
Once the beads are gathered begin to thread them onto the head pins.  Be sure to alternate the order the beads are put on the head pins.  An assortment of 3 bead styles will give enough variety to create this cluster look.
Trim the extra wire from the head pin using the wire cutters.  Leave a little over 1/4 of an inch to create a loop using the needle nose pliers.  Check out this post for how I gauge how much wire to trim.  Repeat for all the headpins.  
Gently open the large jump ring.  Grasp each side of the jump rings opening with a pair of pliers, pull the pliers in your right hand towards your body and push the pliers in your left hand away from your body.  Do not pull the ring apart, this will distort the ring.  Check out this post for more on the proper way to open a jump ring.
Thread the headpins onto the opened jump ring, then close the jump ring using the similar process to open in - pull the pliers in your left hand towards your body and push the pliers in your right hand away from your body until the ring is closed.
Using the same process, attach the two chains to each side of the clasp.  Measure the chain to a length you prefer.
Because the jump ring is large enough, the end of the chain with the smaller clasp should be able to thread through the jump ring holding the cluster of beaded head pins.  
This fun and simple piece of jewelry can be made super fancy - think crystals and pearls - or casual - think wooden and glass beads - or it can be a way to use up a variety of jewelry supplies currently in your stash.  I like that this necklace is simple to put together but has various interesting elements.  Like I said, I'm all about the mixed metals!

If you'd like to learn more about jewelry making, Crafsty offers a variety of online classes geared towards beginners.  This class seems to cover the basic jewelry making techniques.  If you like working with your hands and even if you're not super detailed oriented, there are still some beautiful jewelry pieces you can make!

How do you use up some of your craft supplies?  Are there any hobbies you pick back up after a while?

xoxo, Moe

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