A Post About Sweetie B // How a Dog Gets a Name

As you probably, most definitely know by now, I have an amazing little dog named Sweetie B.  After our little corgi Emrys passed so suddenly back in April it was very, very, very hard for me to move on with out a dog.  I'd tried waiting to find another corgi - because I just love them so - but I was super lonely.  Zach was gone in Korea at the time.  He wasn't even home with our poor beeb left us and he got to come home to a brand new dog.  I'm sure that was really weird for him.
The total time that passed between losing Emrys and adopting Sweetie was about 2 or 3 weeks.  It wasn't that long but to me it felt like a life time.  I had no intentions to adopt a dog (read more about pet adoption here) because I really did want another corgi.  I'd gone to a few shelters but all the dogs available seemed too much for me to handle.  Until one day I said "Ok, I'll take a look" and found the cutest little blonde girl ever.

This isn't here adoption story - is that a thing for dogs? - this is the story of her name.  I feel like some people think her name is crazy.  Sweetie.  What kind of name is that??  And why the B?  So here's the reasoning behind the name Sweetie B:

My best friend's maiden name started with a B, I guess other people called her this too, but I called her Katie B.  So I always liked that kind of Name + Initial thing.

Zach's last name starts with a B, so that is Sweetie's middle initial.

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan so now I get to say 'Hello Sweetie' all the time.

I'm from the south and love Sweet Tea

My mom calls us all sweetie all the time and she also says 'sleep sweet'.

And the first day I met the little nugget she was the sweetest thing I'd ever run into.

Originally I had other plans for dog names.  If I got another dog and he was a boy I was going to name him Calder.  If the next dog turned out to be a girl I'd name her Sandy.  One of my favorite artists is Alexander Calder so I wanted to be cool and name my dog after him (Alexander Calder also went by 'Sandy')  But when I decided Sweetie just had to come home with me I quickly nixed the Sandy part because I thought that was too obvious - she was a sandy color.  When we first met I kept calling her girl so that was also in the running!

Anyway, I thought I'd just do a little post for posterity on the reasoning behind the name Sweetie B.

xoxo, Moe

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