Make it Monday // DIY Habit Tracker Sticker using PicMonkey

I've recently been using & loving the printable habit tracker stickers I've added to the shop.  I love the simplicity and the space to write.  I also love that I can stack them up.  But I've also really been into printables recently.
Setting up my Silhouette really made me love printables so much more - instant download, add cutlines, print & cut, then plan!  So I decided to whip up some printable habit trackers, and show you how to do the same!  Create custom colors, add your own text, even make a weekly menu or step tracker!  The best part is you can create your stickers for free using PicMonkey.  I have said it before and I will say it again - PicMonkey is the best little design machine on the web.  Here's how to do it.

Navigate to the PicMonkey homepage and select the design tab.  Click on Facebook Cover.
Once you get to the next page, set the canvas color (you can use a site like ColourLovers to find some colors you love!) and rotate the canvas so it is vertical.
I used a new font listed on the site called Lato.  I liked the letter design and that it was a sans serif font.  If you have a font on your computer you love - go ahead and use it because PicMonkey lets you use your own fonts!  There are also a few more fonts if you pay for the Royale version ($4.99/mo or $33/year) and you get access to more overlays and other features.

Since there are no grid lines to align the elements, stretching the edges of the text box to the edges of the background will center the text perfectly.  You will have to eyeball any overlays you use though.
Under the butterfly icon you'll find the overlays.  At first I used a banner overlay and liked how compact the tracker was.  I did end up using a bigger box to give myself more room to write.  It's up to you to decide the style you like.
Now decide if you want to make a longer side bar with more habits or a shorter sidebar with only a few.  I chose to crop after I'd added 4 habits to track.  Of course you could make this a meal tracker with 7 boxes and the days on the side rather than the days of the week listed below the box, it's all up to you.  Be sure that the scale photo box is unchecked.
Once you've cropped your image, be sure to save it to your computer.  But leave PicMonkey open in case you want to make any edits.  For example, I made the habit trackers different colors.  To do that I saved the image, then changed the color of the canvas, then saved it again with a different name.
Now move into a word processing program - I use Microsoft Word.  Once you drop the images into your word document by selecting insert > picture > from file.  In this document I sized the image to be 1.5 inches wide (the ECLP side bar is 1.65 inches wide I believe, so scale as you wish).  No need to worry about the height, it will automatically scale.  Be sure to set the image in front of text so that you can move the little rectangle around the word document.  I made a few copies and filled up a page with the habit trackers.
Now you can print them on sticker paper (or full sheet labels) and cut them out.  Customize these little guys to whatever colors you'd like, print them a million times if you'd like!  I do plan on doing an adding cut lines tutorial with my Silhouette once I get things mastered!  But if you've got a good pair of scissors you can easily trim these by hand.

As always, you can download the printable made using this DIY here.  Remember this is for personal use, do not distribute or resell these, or claim them as you own.  If you'd like to share these, please direct others to this blog post.
I use habit trackers to track doing my makeup and cleaning but you can track so many things!  The other printable ones in the shop are individual - so you can stack them up in different colors, but you can trim these down to do the same.

What kind of habits do you track?  Is it a helpful thing for you to do?  It is very helpful for me!

xoxo, Moe

ps. if you want some free vertical style inserts that will fit an A5 planner, click here.  And find more planner DIY posts here.


  1. Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial. However, I have a small question- when you take these printables into MS Word, these come very much side by side to each other, so do you use 'columns' in word to make them look so aligned? Thanks

    1. I do not use columns, if you right click you can put the image in front of the text (I think that is what is is called) and then the images move more freely on the page and line up nicely.

    2. thanks, will try this way too


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