Beauty Review // Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Renewal System Hair Masque

A bit ago I did a little review on the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque, and today I'd like to share with you a drugstore version.  This is the Shea Moisture SuperFruit Masque I found at Target one evening.  I've been using it for a bit and want to share with you my thoughts on this hair mask and compare it to the Macadamia Oil one.
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The full name, if you want to know, is Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System w/ Marula Oil and Biotin Hair Masque!

From The Website
SheaMoisture's SuperFruit Masque contains powerful antioxidant properties that support and protect aging hair for the effect of UV exposure and other environmental aggressors. Nourishing oils hydrate and smooth coarse hair.
taken from the Ulta website here
The bottle claims it will age-defy, color protect, hydrate, nourish, soften, anti-stress, deep condition, revive body, strengthen, and add shine.

First Impressions & Application
This product comes in a tub with a screw off lid.  First off, because of the shape of the container - the bottom isn't rounded like the Macadamia Natural Oil masque - you are able to hold it easier in the shower.  You can twist on and off the cap with ease...so I noticed that first since I had a time with the Macadamia Natural Oil packaging!  The texture of this hair mask is very similar to the Macadamia one.  It is quite thick yet easy to spread.  I use about the same amount as the Macadamia product - scoop some out on my finger tips and apply it to my hair then close the cap.
The product is easy enough to distribute through out the hair.  I use my fingers but the website suggests using a wide tooth comb, I believe either would work as long as you make sure to distribute it evenly.  The Shea Moisture SuperFruit masque doesn't feel as slippery as the Macadamia Natural Oil masque but it the consistency did remind me of mayonnaise as well.  The scent is weird, but fruity.  It's not my favorite scent but I did get used to it.  

Wear Time
Once my hair dried after the first application I was impressed with how smooth my hair felt.  I remember after the first application of the Macadamia Natural Oil masque I wasn't too impressed.  My hair felt smooth and not as coarse (I wouldn't consider my hair coarse to begin with, so that is how smooth it felt).  With the Shea Moisture SuperFruit masque, my hair did feel instantly renewed......... like the Macadamia Oil masque claimed.

I tried using this instead of my regular conditioner (like I did with the Macadamia Natural Oil masque) but found it to be too heavy on my hair.  After a few days of constant use, my hair felt oily and weighed down.  I went to using it every other day, and then every few days, and I think that every few days is the best way to use this.  I still use my every day conditioner from the Suave Moroccan Oil line on the days I'm not using the Shea Moisture SuperFruit masque.  I've also found that if I put this masque about .5 inches from my scalp, I get better results.  My hair isn't as oily at the root that way.
Overall Impressions & Recommendations
I have to say for the price compared to the Macadamia Natural Oil masque - the Shea Moisture SuperFruit masque is the better value.  On the Ulta website it is listed as $12.99, on Amazon it is a little over $13, but I think I got this at Target for around $10 (maybe).  I do love how my hair feels after I use it.  I feel that my hair is being renewed and hydrated much more than with my everyday conditioner and more that the Macadamia Natural Oil masque.  The 12 oz size of the Shea Moisture SuperFruit masque is nearly half the price of the 8.5 oz size of the Macadamia Natural Oil masque and I didn't use it nearly as fast (you can see there is still product in the tub!)

I have to say I will repurchase this hair treatment and continue to use it as I continue to dye my hair!

Do you have a favorite hair treatment?  Is your hair damaged like mine?

xoxo, Moe

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