Trend Tuesday // FLOWER Eyewear Review

The last time I got new glasses was probably my freshman year of college...maybe even before that. It was a long, long time. I would get contacts and just use my glasses when I didn't feel like wearing my contacts. Recently I've begun to see (or rather un-see) that I wasn't seeing very well any more. Remembering that my prescription was still good but still changed slightly, I decided to get a new pair of glasses.
Unfortunately, I don't have eye insurance. I knew I needed to find something super affordable so I thought about going to Wal-Mart or to Meijer. I always get my eyes examined at Meijer but I hadn't found any glasses the other times I'd taken a look around. A little while ago Drew Barrymore released a line of glasses through Wal-Mart - FLOWER Eyewear. You may be familiar with her beauty line (which I love) of the same FLOWER name that is exclusively sold at Wal-Mart.

I love anything and everything Drew Barrymore, so I was in. 
Something I truly love about the line is that there are multiple frame styles in multiple colors. So if you like a certain style, there are a few colors to choose from. The line also doesn't just include glasses - there are sunglasses too! I don't think that my Wal-Mart carried all the colors or styles but they had a good variety.
Each of the frames has the FLOWER logo in gold on the arms of the glasses. They styles were different enough to tell them apart - some have thick plastic frames, some have thinner wire frames, and there are some that have a floating frame. They are all classic looking with a retro feel.
The glasses I picked out were Rachel in Tort. I have to say that I really do love the coloring and the shape they are on my face. The big frames are something new to me but seem to be super trendy right now....I'm sure they've been on trend for quite a while now!
I can't speak for all the cases that come with the glasses - though I'd assume they are all the same - but mine is pink with the Flower logo. It's not as rugged as I'd like a glasses case to be. The case is hard and it could stand up to a tumble but the outter fabric covering it already has some dents and wear. I've never really cared for glasses cases before but this one is super cute....so I do cary it with me. The glasses also came with a super cute cleaning cloth - not just a standard boring one. This has a pretty floral design and the Flower logo as well. 
I think the whole design and execution of this eyewear collection is pretty and functional....and affordable! I would highly recommend this eyewear line and I plan on getting some sunglasses as well!

Do you have a particular brand you get really excited for?  Where do you find affordable eyewear?


  1. These glasses look fantastic on you! Suit you really well! I actually didn't know about this line and will definitely have to check to see if they carry them here in Canadian Walmart's! I've been told about Zenni Optical and I really want to try them out with their really cheap frames.

    Sorry this is my first comment on your blog, but I absolutely love it!

  2. I just got a pair of the Rachel glasses in brick red. Glad to see someone else loves them!


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