Beauty Review // Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

Since I've been bleaching and dying my hair (click here for how I achieve vibrant purple hair at home!) my hair has become super, super damaged.  It wasn't until recently that I realized that my hair was feeling a bit like straw.  I think part of that was the heat I used on it while in Korea.  I curled my hair using my curling iron instead of my curlformers.  It was much easier to get up in the morning and curl my hair than stick in my curlers at night!  Anyway, as soon as I got back I used the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque and I thought I'd do a review for you.
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When I'd originally planned to do this review, I'd only been using the product for a week.  I was so keene on doing a review because I wasn't impressed with the product.  I wanted to do a review to hastily because of the hype this product gets and because of the claims on the back of the container.  I've since changed my drastic opinion and wanted to do a more solid review of the product.  

Anyway, let's just get into the review.

From the Website:
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque is a hair reconstructor that penetrates and rebuilds damaged hair for improved health, sine and elasticity with no weigh down.  Ideal for dry, damaged, or color treated hair of all textures.

This is from the back of the container:
Filled with Omega 3, 5, & 7, Macadamia oil mimics your scalp's natural oil production to revitalize dry, damaged, and color treated hair of all textures. Hair's natural texture is instantly renewed with healthy shine, bounce, and manageability.  

First Impression & Application
When I first used this in the shower I was impressed with the thickness of the product, which made it hard to get out of the container.  Because of the tub the product is in, it was harder to get the product dispensed and the cap back on the product so none of the shower water would get into the product.  
Scooping it out was easy enough, there was a lot of product in the container. But because of the slippery nature of the product it was hard to twist the cap back on easily.  The consistency of this product reminds me of mayonnaise - the texture was thick, yet smooth and felt very slippery.

Like I said the product was very thick but I was able to easily distribute it through my whole head. The directions say to liberally comb through clean wet hair and let sit for at least 7 minutes - so I washed my hair first in the shower then put the Deep Repair Masque and did the rest of my routine.

Wear Time
This is a weird little section since this isn't something I can really test the longevity of like a foundation but I still wanted to include this section as a what I thought through the time I was using the product:

Eventually I started by scooping out a hefty handful and putting it on top of my head in a big glob and then closing the container. I never had any difficulty distributing the product through my hair. After the first time I used it, I wasn't impressed with the results. I didn't think my hair's texture was instantly renewed. I decided to use it the next night just the same - the container does say to use it twice a week for best results - and I still felt unimpressed. For the entire time I've been using this deep repair masque I've been using it in place of my conditioner and I have to say I see average results.
As you can see in the images I've used up about all I can from the bottle.  I washed my hair about 3 or 4 times a week each time using this as my conditioner.  I do have to say I've seen improvements in my hair's textured but I do not think that the texture of my hair has been renewed.  I know I'm using this in a specific manner that maybe it wasn't intended for - dry, damaged, over processed hair - but maybe my hair is the best hair to see what the masque really can do?

Overall Impressions & Recommendations
Overall, I think this product is a decent, daily deep conditioner if you need it.  It does a decent job at conditioning and smoothing the hair, I'm not sure the damage I've done is repaired but my hair feels a bit more like hair and less like straw.  However, the price is what is crazy for an everyday conditioner - regular retail for this product is $36, I got mine for $19.99 at TJ Maxx.  

If you're looking for an affordable deep conditioner to use everyday my favorite is the Suave Morracan Oil line.  I plan on picking up more of that line once I run out of this and of every other condditioner I own (!!!).  In addition to the Deep Repair Masque, I have been using the Suave Morracan Hair OIl and that combo has really impressed me with returning my hair texture.

At the end of the day, I would say that I would buy this product again, but not at it's retail price.  I do think the results are comparable to the Suave Morrocan Oil deep conditioner but I like the thickness and the texture better.  So even though this isn't a stellar review, this product acceptable at most - in my opinion..

If we were at a store I wouldn't tell you not to get it....you know what I mean??

What do you do to keep your hair healthy?  Do you have any favorite deep conditioners?

xoxo, Moe

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