Make it Monday // Crochet Halloween Coffee Cup Cozie

In between my planner obsession I've picked back up a little bit of crochet.  Over the long weekend when I made these face scrubbies, I also made a few Halloween inspired coffee cup cozies!  I even went out and bought another travel mug to go with the cozies I made.  You always need a new mug right?  Right.
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When it comes to crocheting 9 times out of 10 I'm like 'I want to make something....but...... I...don't....know.....what......'  That is when Pinterest comes to the rescue.  I think I was looking for patterns for face scrubbies when I stumbled upon a pin, that led me to another pin.  None the less I settled on this coffee cozie pattern.

While I'd say I'm pretty good at making up projects on my own, this couldn't have been more perfect.  This is actually one of my favorite stitches and back when I tried to sell some of my crocheted hats this was the stitch I used to make a lot of them.  It looks sort of like you're knitting in the round like you would with crochet.  Instead of going in the top loops of the row, you slip your hook in the loop behind the top two loops.  You're going into the back of the yarn over part you did to create the stalk (if you will) of the half double crochet.  Once you get this down the stitch is beautiful.  And if you're like 'man, I had crocheting in the back loop only...takes FOR.EV.ER!'  I promise you this stitch totally doesn't.
You do need to use a stitch marker - a proper one or a safety pin or a little piece of yarn (or you can be a rebel and not use one, I don't) - because you won't be joining and turning between rounds.  You'll keep going and going until you're satisfied.  The pattern I used called for a button, but I had bigger plans.

I searched, and searched for a tiny scull applique pattern and tried a few out but they all came out too big.  I finally found this one and did a slight modification.  The chart really helps you see where you need to be placing your stitches and what stitches will become what part of the scull.  When I reached the last row of the pattern I continued on with a slip stitch in a few points around the mouth part of the scull.  I did two slip stitches in the corners of the mouth to give it a little bit of a square shape and just even off the finished edge.  Then I joined with a slip stitch to the final row just at the middle of the scull, right above the mouth piece.  Leaving a tail, I used that to sew the scull onto the coffee cozy.
You could leave it as it is, or you could crochet yourself a little bow, a video how to is above.  Using a bright, neon yellow yarn I started with a ch of 4, then 2 double crochets in the 4th ch from the hook, 3 ch and joined with a slp st.  Then I ch 3, 2 dc in the stitch I just joined in, ch 3 and slp st back into the stitch I worked the dc in.  This creates two little flower petals that are perfect for a tiny bow.  Leaving a tail again, I used that to sew the bow to the cozy by wrapping the yarn around the center of the bow then into the cozy and back out again, wrap around, repeat.  much like you would sew through a button hole.

If you find other small applique patterns, you can have endless amounts of coffee cozies for the fall!!  Yay!!!
Hope you enjoyed this fun little project to work up in an afternoon!!!  If you're looking for a beginner class (or just looking to brush up) be sure to check out Crochet: Basics & Beyond class here on Craftsy.  You can also purchase some amazing supplies on the Craftsy site I love their variety of yarn!

xoxo, Moe

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