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On my top 3 list of super affordable drug store brands is Wet n Wild.  I would say that it's a tie between Wet n Wild and Eyes Lips Face - they both equally blow me away with the quality at the low price point.  I'm pretty sure Wet n Wild has made it's come back and regained traction in the world of drugstore make up, but if you're still wary you should totally go pick one thing up next time you find yourself in the drugstore make up aisle.
Today I want to share with you 5 lip colors from Wet n Wild - the Megalast Balm Stains.  These are nothing new.  In fact they were released in the beginning of 2014.  (If you ever want to know a release date of an old collection, check the blog Nouveau Cheap.  That's how I found this data.)  But, you may not know that recently they've come out with new, permanent shades and are know for releasing a few limited edition Balm Stains into the mix.  If you're looking for an affordable, comfortable, long wear/staining lip color for the summer - I tell you to look no further.

These lip colors act exactly as the name says.  They are very balm like in that they moisturize your lips.  They have a bit of a gloss to them but they don't slide all over the place.  The colors aren't transfer proof but once the shiny gloss wears away you are left with a nice stain on your lips. The stain doesn't turn into that lip liner look either.  It wears away nice and evenly.  The lighter colors are also pretty easy to apply with out a mirror but once you get into the darker shades you'll want to be more careful.
(from left to right Coral of the Story, Festival Fashionista, Red-ioactive, 2AM Call Time, Rico Mauve)

The packaging on these is average, at best.  The lids may or may not stay on in a bag so that is a downfall.  Another con is that sometimes the color in the tube and the color on your lips are two different things.  This isn't necessary bad, but I notice it especially with Rico Mauve that the stain left behind is different than the color first applied.  It isn't bad, just different.
I love the brighter shades released this year - like Red-ioactive and Coral of the Story (quite similar to Festival Fashionista, which was LE last summer).  I'm alway son the look out for the limited edition collections and that's why I picked up 2am Call Time last Halloween.  These are super unique from the drugstore and very affordable.  If you're looking to build up a your collection of bright lip colors, I suggest these!

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What are your favorite lip colors for Summer?  Anything unique you are loving right now?

xoxo, Moe

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