Sum Up Sunday #76

Welcome back, Sum Up Sunday!! In the middle of the week I gave a little life update of sorts...just to say 'hey, I'm human, so sue me' and I wanted to thank you all for reading and for commenting.  This week was pretty eventful I'd say.
I've been working on an assortment of things - the house, the blog, my youtube, and my etsy shop.  Most recently I've been focusing on Etsy.  And I've added 10 sticker designs + some washi stickers.  My next thing to work on are bookmarks - I think I'm only going to focus on personal sized and ARC punched since I'm using the MAMBI Happy Planner.  I will probably punch some for the A5 size as well.  If you want to visit the shop - which I'd love for you to - please click here
Speaking of the shop, I worked from Starbucks for a few hours one night this past week and loved it.  (I really miss traveling with Zach and working from various Starbucks for 8 hours a day.)  I feel like I got a lot done, though not all of my to do list was checked off that one night in Starbucks.  I'm thinking of working 2 afternoons of Starbucks into my schedule.  I love that I can't be distracted!  Of course I can get up and leave but by forcing myself to stay there for 3-4 hours I have to get things done.  At home I'm constantly getting distracted.  And while sometimes I think that is great because it keeps me creative, it's bad when there are certain things that need to get done.  Like I really need to keep up on my editorial calendar.  Right now I've just been blogging as things come to me and I don't really like that because it makes for less consistent blog posts as you go back through the archives.  I don't like have only 3 Make it Monday posts one right after another with out anything in between.  I need to dedicate some time to actually typing out content. 
Sweetie and I got some wonderful cuddle time in this week + weekend.  She loves being in the bed which is bad because if I never had to get up, I wouldn't!! She's been really cuddly lately.  She's also really into sitting on the back of the couch.  Her legs are long enough that she has no problem getting up on the back of the couch.  I've also found a few bones/toys on the windowsill.  She's also really into chasing bunnies in the yard.  

I've been thinking about working on my Project Life albums again because I am so ridiculously behind.  I used to print out all my photos at home but now I'm thinking I'm going to send them off to be printed so I can just work on them when I can.  I do 6x8 photo albums and usually only use the 3x4 photos but sometimes I do 2x2 squares.  I also do the layouts monthly, not weekly so I find it easier to look through the pocket pages I have for that month and then print them out as I go in groups.  Like all the dog pictures, or all the make up pictures......so it might be harder to do the sending them to be printed.  But I might try. 

I'm also trying to work on more Boost Your Blog type posts because I really do like sharing tips and tricks that I use on my blog and for the shops, etc because I find that stuff helpful.  I've got some app posts in mind, some planner posts, and some blogging posts.

Oh, and I also need to dye my hair.

Hope your week went alright...I'm not looking forward to starting another one!

xoxo, Moe

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