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When I pack my make up bag for travel it is often hard to choose which brushes to bring.  If I'm going on a long trip - like maybe a week home in Virginia where I might be doing some different stuff - I tend to bring an assortment of my favorite brushes.  I'll even pack up my whole brush roll.  But if I'm only going out for a weekend I tend to be more picky.  Often I'll consider what I'll be doing - if I'm camping, nah, I'm probably bringing zero make up, if I'm going to a family function I might bring some more full coverage stuff, if it is a casual trip weekend maybe I'll bring some BB Cream and a few little things but nothing crazy.  But when it comes to brushes for smaller trips, I've paired it down to just the essentials.
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I like to only bring brushes that will fit in my make up case.  Like I mentioned before, if I'm staying longer I'll bring more which means more room.  If it's a weekend trip I'll use a little bag like the picture above.  (Just FYI I took these pictures while I was traveling, and yes my brushes are dirty.  So sue me.) Here are the brushes I can't live with out:
from right to left: Real Techniques Blush Brush, Contour/Bronzer Brush/Real Techniques Powder Brush.
Real Techniques Blush Brush - This is my favorite brush for blush and I us it everytime I use blush.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Contour/Bronzer Brush - This brush is from a set on Amazon that I highly recommend.  I love this brush for bronzing and contouring because it is fluffy enough to blend but small enough to be precise.  I don't lay down a heavy contour so I like to have a brush that can blend out in the hollows of my cheek bones.

Real Techniques Powder Brush - If I've got a liquid foundation in my make up bag I need a powder brush to set my foundation.  I never go with out setting my foundation because I have oily skin and I need it to last as long as possible.
from top to bottom: Real Techniques Setting Brush, Eyes Lips Face Blush Brush
Real Techniques Setting Brush - If I plan on doing some under eye concealing and maybe a bit of highlighting with concealer, this brush is a must.  It is small enough to fit under my eye and the bristles are really soft so my endereye doesn't feel tortured!

Elf Blush Brush - If I don't pack this one I pack the Elf Tapered brush because both of these are great for highlight!  They place the highlight in the precise place and blend it out nicely.  (side note: did you know you can get cash back when you shop the ELF website through Ebates?  Ebates is my favorite way to save money on beauty products.  You can check it out and sign up here.  If you want to know my favorite ways to save money on make up, please read this post)
from top to bottom: Flat Shader Brush, Blending Brush
Flat Shader Brush - This brush is good for packing on the color to your lid and being precise in the inner corner or outer corner.  Because it is so dense, I find it to be a really functional brush.

Blending Brush - Because when I travel I am usually not going to do an intense eye look, I make sure to bring just one little blending brush.  This one happens to be from Mirabella and is just a simple fluffy brush.  I use this in the crease and to blend everything together.  Nothing fancy, just simple.

These also happen to be the brushes I grab for in a hurry.  If I'm just doing a simple look or just an everyday look I know these can be my go to brushes.  I also have a video on my channel about my favorite ELF brushes but I am thinking about doing an update video because there are so many more brushes added to the collection now!

What are your travel make up essentials?  

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I loooove my real techniques brushes! The powder brush is great. I even like the foundation brush. I think they came together in a set.


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