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I never, ever thought I'd say this - but recently I've become a concealer only gal.  Honestly, I haven't been wearing make up for the past few weeks and only recently have I broken out the concealer.  After Emmy passed so suddenly and with Zach gone, I was just in a lonely, depressed funk....as you could tell from late April and early May, I just stopped doing what I loved and make up fell into that category.
I used to wear make up to make up for the fact that I had acne prone skin.  When I was younger, when I first started wearing make up, it was to cover up every single thing on my face.  I used to have, well I still do have, redness and an uneven skin tone and blemishes.  The redness was left over from previous blemishes and I still have some scarring too.  The way my skin looked was something I was always aware of.  However, as I grew up I realized that make up could be something fun.  Over the past few years I've grown my make up collection because I like to try new things and I see make up as an extension of being creative.  I don't worry too much about my skin anymore, rather I love make up because it is fun.  While I may not do all out special effects make up, it is still fun to put together colors and looks.  It was the over all perfecting of the art that I loved!  I loved finding products that worked for me and I love trying new techniques.

With my recent sadness though I just stopped, it was too much work and I'd rather sleep than do anything I really, really loved.  My skin had gotten a bit better though so I decided to screw the make up and go bare faced.   I'm getting less and less random break outs and more and more hormonal breakouts.  I know that sounds horrible but I can pretty much predict and minimize my blemishes now - using my favorite blemish treatment.  I'd been slacking on my skin care, but I credit the look of my skin to my previous use of the Microdermabrasion Machine Zach got me for Christmas.  My break outs were minimal, even around my period last month...so I just let it be.  But, like death and taxes, break outs are certain to happen!  Soooooo I pulled out the concealers!  Long story short I've been loving these three concealer palettes all from the drugstore!  
The NYX Conceal, Correct, Contour is great for larger concealing areas mainly because there are so many colors.  I can mix the two lighter, skin tone shades to get a perfect color.  I like the way they blend and stay all day.  With some concealers I feel like I have to blend, blend, blend and the only way the match my skin is if i blend them in with my foundation.  My go to concealer is the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda palette.  I love that the quad has a setting powder and a great green to counter act the red in my skin.  The green isn't that neon mint you find in other concealer palettes and that is why I love it.  It's just enough green to cancel the red but it's not to hard to blend into the skin and to use the other shades to make it match your skin.  A newer palette is from Flower Beauty and it is called the Hollywood Secret Concealer Kit.  This one has a perfect green to conceal red with as well.  The consistency of the green shade is the consistency I love - not too oily feeling, not too thin, not too thick, kinda sticky - and that makes it stay on longer.  This is a great alternative to the Sonia Kashuk palette (especially if there isn't a Target near you) the only difference is that there is a brightening primer instead of a pressed powder.  If you're using this quad as a part of your full foundation routine you might find more use out of it.  The concealer shades aren't my absolute favorite but since Target is so far from me, Walmart is a closer option!

Since my little rescue pup, Sweetie, has come into my life and because Zach is now back for a bit (yay!) I'm feeling happy again.  It is so weird how life affects you sometimes.  Here's to more sunshine in the future.

What are your favorite concealers?  Have you ever drastically changed your make up routine?

xoxo, Moe

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