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I've always liked the notion that the best camera you can use is the one you'll take with you.  Now a days we have amazing cameras right in our pockets - right next to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.  My iPhone is my go to camera because it is light, easy to use, and right there with me.  I can take a ton of photos and edit on the go - no need to upload to my computer, edit, etc.  A smartphone is so handy.

Up north I feel like as soon as Summer hits I want to take all the photos!  It is just so dark in the Winter time that it hard to get a lot of light to take nice images.  I love the warm tint to the photos you take in the Summer....just says 'yay warm weather' to me.  Light and airy images are hard to capture in the winter because there's like a slight blue tint to them.  Am I crazy?  Anyway, here are five posts you can find on the blog here to improve your photography this summer:

If you want to improve the way you look at life through your camera, I suggest this post.  There are 5 types of pictures to take to change the way you see your surroundings.  Changing your perspective will help you learn to see your surroundings differently and help you capture interesting image.

In this post I mention some easy tips to us the camera in your pocket.  In this post I share the biggest tip for interesting photos - composition.   The rule of thirds, as demonstrated in the photo above, is the easiest way to take interesting and well composed photos.  Most native camera apps and apps that allow you to take a photo will have the option to turn a grid on.  This lays a cross hatch pattern across the image so you can compose your photo in an interesting way.  Learn more about composition and pairing down your background to capture interesting photos in this post.

Create the Perfect Black and White Photo
There are so many camera apps that allow you to turn your image to black and white.  Sometimes the simplicity of an image translates well in to a black and white photo and sometimes you just want to add a bit of drama or just have fun with filters.  This post has 4 app examples that allow you to turn an image black & white.

iPhone Photos Become Blog Worthy
This post is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to editing your iPhone photos.  When I first got my iPhone, my favorite app for editing photos for the blog was Camera+.  Since then the app has updated but the tips are still true.  My current favorite photo editing apps are Afterlight & Snapseed.  Check out this post for tips on using Camera+.

Four Collage Apps for Summer Blogging
Collages are a great way to document many parts of a day.  If you want some fun collage apps check this post.  There are a ton of ways to share more than one image at once.  Collages are great for showing a process as well.  My go to collage app is Pic Frame because of the many frame options it offers.  I usually do a square canvas to post to Instagram but you can change the canvas size as well.  If you print photos for Project Life, Pic Frame is a cool way to add a collage to your layout!  See the full app review here.  If your into adding text over your images, check out this post on my favorite overlay apps here.

I hope this little round up was helpful in making your Summer photography a learning experience.  You can capture some amazing images with just your phone camera.  Please check out the iPhoneography category on the blog for more posts like the ones mentioned above!

Happy shooting!

xoxo, Moe

What are your favorite photo apps?  Any ones of note for Android users?

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