Spring Break

So, it's been pretty weird around here.........last week Zach left for Korea.  What the what?!?! you might be saying.  Don't worry, it's not going to be that long, hopefully! Also, I got sick on like Wednesday/Thursday.  So sick that I had to take off last Friday.  So sick, that all I did Friday and Saturday and the majority of Sunday was lay in bed having feverish dreams where I was various pieces of tape.  Yes. I dreamt I was pieces of tape.......I have no idea.  Last time I was really feverish I had a dream that I was a cake and I couldn't roll over or my layers would fall off.

So yeah, that happened.

Also, I had a ton of amazing content (don't I always) that may or may not have started automatically posting because, while I was too busy worried about my tape adhesive fever dream, I didn't unschedule my half-done posts.  Sometimes scheduling posts makes me finish them and sometimes it just makes me look like a crazy person.

So, there's that.
Also, here's a picture of my poopie's little feets.  

So I'm just going to take a spontaneous Spring Break.  It's going to be family time here shortly with Easter and all.  I'm not going to be able to film and I'm not going to be able to get that quality content up so Spring Break!

I'll try to be back by Wednesday next week?  Maybe?  But go ahead and follow me on Instagram because I'll be posting a bunch over there.  

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