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I've had this blog for going on 5 years.  It has always been hosted on Blogger.  My other blogs before this - Cross My Hooks and Just Playing Hookie - have been hosted on Blogger as well.  Blogger is a fine platform for both the beginner blogger and the seasoned blogger.  Honestly, I'm sick of hearing other bloggers complain that blogger sucks and suggest that there are better platforms.  I think this gives Blogger a bad rap!  You're not an unprofessional blogger because you use Blogger, you're not a more professional blogger because you use another platform.  These traits come from your attitude about blogging and your over all website design.  
The thing I hear the most is that Wordpress offers so much freedom to do so many things.....however, do you really need all of that? With more freedom comes more room to get lost or screw something up.  With more freedom comes more responsibility.  Are you really up for the upkeep of that blog?

However, I do recognize that other platforms offer more things and different things that may be better for your brand.  For example, I do know that Wordpress allows you to create a shop hosted with your blog.  If that is for you....go ahead and do that...I personally find the Etsy marketplace to be better for me.  Anyway, here are 5 reasons why Blogger isn't bad for you:

Easy to set up for beginners 
Like I mentioned before I have zero experience with other platforms but Blogger is easy to set up for beginners....oh, and it is free.  You can create a beautiful, professional, clean blog in minutes.  You get a template editor with near complete control of every aspect on the template.  You get multiple templates to choose from - my favorite is the Simple Template because it creates the most clean look.  There are also quite a few tutorials you can find to create simple headers, widgets, HTML hacks, etc.  You can also often find free templates to upload.  Many designers also offer premade Blogger templates on etsy.  Believe me, there are quite a few - I used to offer designs for under $50!  Not to mention the main focus of Blogger is to blog so the actual post composition is pretty straight forward.

Already connected to all you're Google accounts
If you're a Google user (which, why wouldn't you be!?!?!) then your blog is connected to all your Google platforms - YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, etc are all Google derivatives.  Personally, I like when all my little things are by the same big thing.  You log in to your Google account and you instantly have access across all those platforms.  My computer stays signed in to my account and I don't have to have a separate blogging account.

You can be professional by purchasing a personal .com domain through Google
This is the biggest thing I hear from those not on Blogger - that you can not have a personal domain with out being on something like Wordpress.  Nope, I pay $10 a year for my fivesixteenthsblog.com domain and I don't have to worry about any security set up, any listings any where, or any of that.  Additionally, I have my own email for the blog (I hardly use it) but you can set up an email like info@yourblog.com .... how stinking professional is that?  You don't have to spend a zillion dollars ot have a profesh blog.

Easy to customize if you're into HTML/CSS
Another huge, gigantic, crazy thing I hear about using blogger is that your blog will look like everyone else's.  Well that is a big, fat, stinking NO!  No, it won't look like everyone else's if you don't make it look like everyone else's.  Like I mentioned in the first point above - you get access to an amazing template editor that can make even the novice blogger look amazing, with the right touches.  Additionally, if you're into an afternoon of Google searches and trial and error you can create completely custom additions to you blog.  The layout designer lets you add widgets but the Advanced CSS option lets you completely customize your Blogger blog.  And, if you're not into that sort of thing...there are hundreds of designers ready to help you create a custom Blogger blog that will look totally unique.  (Prices range of course but you're not limited to 7 layout options...ever! I promise).

You don't have to worry
You aren't in charge of the security of the site, you aren't responsible for updates, you aren't responsible for major SEO....Google is.  You don't have to have your own site manager to make sure you're site is up to date, running smoothly etc.  While I do know that many bloggers are a one man show and they probably can handle the upkeep of a Wordpress blog...from what I read, it seems like a lot, am I wrong?  However, since Blogger is owned by Google....Google does all the back door stuff for you.  You don't have to manage the entire site - you manage the design and the content.  There's not too much you can screw up there.

Can you tell that this debate really gets under my skin? I don't need about 98% of what Wordpress has to offer me...that 2% is that it would be nice to have a self hosted shop connected to my blog. But I do really love Etsy and Storenvy marketplaces for my brand.

When I go to a new blog I don't instantly think 'ew, this is a Blogger blog...they must not be serious' or think 'hey, this blog is hosted on Wordpress/Typepad/SquareSpace/Etc....they must be so profesh.' (Yes, I just said profesh...because I'm being sarcastic).  When I got to a new blog I'm impacted by the layout, the design, the images, and the content.  That, to me, is much more important than where you host your blog.  I've also found that some blogs hosted on other platforms don't translate well to mobile use (I'm not saying that my blog is the best, most mobile friendly blog, but I digress...)

Additionally, the professional look of your blog comes from it's design and you're attitude towards blogging.....not the space it is hosted on.  Just because you blog on Blogger doesn't mean your blog is subpar.  Blogger has just the right amount of stuff that many blogger's need.  So don't think in order to have a successful blog you need to spending $$$ - because you don't!

Where do you host your blog?  Any thing you'd like to add?

xoxo, Moe

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