Our Weekend + Instagram Dump

The weekend is when I tend to get all my blog things in a row - mainly because I have time to actually sit down and do it and also because I procrastinate then get a big bout of let's do this on Saturday & Sunday afternoon.  However, this weekend was different.
from the remodel we're doing on the upstairs

Zach & I laid in bed allllll daaaay loooonnng on Saturday, and we almost did it all day long on Sunday, too.  It was nice to do nothing but breath next to the person you love sometimes.  We cuddled the puppy, we talked, we watched some Sparticus on Netflix, we napped and all around just enjoyed everything you can enjoy about staying in bed all day with the one you love.
life is hard for a puppy when two humans are taking up all the bed

I've been getting away from life posts recently and I just wanted to throw this little one in here as a reminder to myself that not everything has to follow a plan, not everything has to be done.  While I would love for this blog to be a wonderfully curated place where I post planned content in a regular fashion and reap the benefits of a for profit blog - I'm often reminded to get my head out of my computer and get snuggled under a blanket.

We really need to spend time with each other and while it's fun going to museums and going on other trips sometimes it is nice to stay home and enjoy each other's company.

So it might be a little quieter than usual on the blog this week - though I'm trying my hardest to get up three posts this week, that's what I strive for every week.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

xoxo, Moe

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