Beauty Review // Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks

Mattes have been super trendy recently and, believe me when I say this - I've really wanted to try them all.  Usually when I put on a lipstick - not a liquid lipstick or the like but actual lip stick - I tend to blot my lips to make them matte.  I don't really like the shininess of a lipstick but if it's gloss or something else that is supposed to be glossy I don't blot it off.  Anyway, I wanted to do a review of these matte lipsticks first because they are the most affordable of all these new matte lipsticks.  So let's jump into the review.
this review is of a product I purchased myself, read my disclosure policy here.
From the Website
Modern Matte Lipsticks are a Winning Combination of High Payoff Pigments and Special Ingredients that Comfortably Extend the Wear.  Expertly Selected Shades Have an All-Day Wear Without the Typical ‘Dry Lip’ Finish that Feathers and Cracks.  Talc and Paraben-Free.

taken from the Jordana website here.
First Impressions & Application
These lipsticks (for $2.49 on the Jordana website here) come in a plastic packaging with the color of the lipstick encompassing the entire bottom of the lipstick tube.  The lid is completely clear acrylic and the actual product sits in a silver casing.  The lipstick itself does not extend past the silver casing like the Wet n Wild lipsticks do.  Meaning you can roll the product all the way down into it's tube and not worry about knocking the side of the lipstick against the lid.
These lip colors are extremely pigmented.  They offer crazy color pay off for the price.  They do tend to tug on the lips (or on the skin in a swatch) - some do so more than others.  As they warm up to your skin they become a little bit smoother to apply.  Because of the texture they do tend to skip around your lip however you are able to get a complete coat on your lips with care.  These can stick to dry areas on your lips and look unflattering but a balm or exfoliating your lips can be done to counteract that.
From left to right: Matte Pretty, Matte Classy, Matte Style, Matte It Girl, Matte Dare
Wear Time
Because of the matte formula these are long wearing.  I got 5 hours wear before eating so I would say you'd get even longer wear if you were out for shopping!  I drank coffee all morning as well and still had it on my lips.  These lipsticks do wear evenly around the lips on me and I actually found the quite comfortable.  Initially it seemed that these would become to dry on my lips but the lip product created a barrier of sorts and the lipstick actually felt comfortable for the length of the wear.  It didn't dry up and peel away, it felt a bit tacky - not like annoying or lipglossy, but I could feel it on my lips.  Like I said it was like a comfortable barrier.  Not too moisturizing like a lip balm but it didn't allow for my lips to feel dry.  It was rather weird but appreciated.
From left to right: Matte Pretty, Matte Classy, Matte Style, Matte It Girl, Matte Dare

Overall Impressions & Recommendations
I'm not sure if this lipstick is my favorite formulation from the drugstore but it isn't bad.  It's definitely worth the price and the color range makes up for struggle in application.  If you're looking for a creamy matte, this isn't it.  If you're looking for something super hydrating, this isn't it.  If your looking for an affordable, non drying, truly matte lipstick in quite a few shades to experiment with - this is your lipstick.  I'm a little meh on whether you should pick these up over somethings like a Wet n Wild lipstick or even the Milani lipsticks.  I think it's one of those things where if you just can not find the shad you're looking for except in the Jordana Modern Mattes or you've lost all your make up and only have $20 to get everything, then these are perfect to pick up.  If you pass over them you're not missing much...but boy there are a lot of colors.

I'm sorry I can't truly make up my mind on whether you should get them or not!  They are pretty good if you pick them up, but if you don't you won't hate yourself...is that ok for a final answer?

xoxo, Moe

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