Revisiting January 2015 Four Simple Goals

January is over.  What the actual heck is happening?  Why is time moving so fast?  Why does everyone say that?  Anyway, today I'm going to revisit my January goals.  I am so in love with setting four goals for the month and then reporting back.  It's like baby steps for getting things done!

Discover my word for 2015 - I've already written a whole post on it here but my word for 2015 is explore.  I'm excited to see where this word takes me as I'm ready to explore different parts of my life and to see what it is I really, really want from life.

Work on the upstairs - Zach has been great about working on the upstairs and now it's my turn.  We've picked up the rest of the drywall to get it up around the stairs.  I've learned about mudding the drywall, and then it's my turn to paint.  I am not looking forward to the rest of the work but I am looking forward to it being done.

Plan our Kentucky trip - So far I've gotten the days down

Make a list of blog tags - This was so hard to do but I made a list of over arching tags then a list of the tags that would go under them.  Next month is to work back on a few posts and align them with the new tags.  Hopefully I won't mess up any links that I have with in my blog but I don't think I'm changing anything major when it comes to tags.

So there you have it, my little Four Simple Goal catch up for January 2015.

What did you accomplish the first month of the new year?  What will you do next month?

xoxo, Moe.

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